Birthday Sponsors Part II

Here’s Part 2 of my birthday sponsors!
Once again, sincerest appreciation to all the bakeries that provided me with these lovely treats <3

First up, Elijah Pies & Bakes! Their bakes are primarily about creating new fusion of tarts by using different ingredients and flavours. Whisked and handcrafted by the bakers themselves, they take pride with every bake using only the finest quality ingredients. Intrigued and inspired by the beautiful art behind making the tarts, they hope to share their creations with everyone.

Banana Custard Tart

This tart is oh-so-amazing, one piece was not enough for me. I generally do not fancy bananas, but I was tempted to try it because of the crusty outer layer texture and the banana infused aroma. The banana fillings of the tart had a soft and sweet texture which complemented well together.

Nutella Tart

This is a must try for all Nutella lovers! Infusing the joys of nutella packed in a tart is always a good idea in my book. The nutella chocolate flavour was not too sweet which makes for a well balanced dessert.

Do visit their Facebook at and Instagram @elijahpies for more interesting flavours of these yummy tarts!


Next up, The Little Yellow Apron (TLYA) which is an online-based pâtisserie specialising in making gourmet éclairs and tarts. Started in December 2013 by Sarah, her passion in pastry led to her pursuing a career in this field. Expanding on her wide range of flavours, TLYA started out with countless hours of research and experimentation to develop these éclair flavours and perfecting each one. She hopes to also conduct sampling sessions for her fans and followers in the future, to improve on existing and newly crafted éclair flavours.

The Little Yellow Apron offers a good selection of éclairs and I got to try 7 different flavours!
1) Passionfruit Lavender
2) Salted Caramel
3) Vanilla Bean & Caramelised Pecans
4) Chocolate & Cocoa Streusel
5) Ispahan (Rose, Lychee & Raspberries)
6) Matcha Cream Chesse & Strawberries
7) Speculoos (Limited edition, not on the menu permanently)

These éclairs are so beautifully and creatively crafted. Each of them boasts a deep golden tan and tastes as good as it looks. The Matcha Cream Cheese & Strawberries éclair won my heart, I loved how the two flavours complemented in my mouth.

Raspberry Passionfruit Double-Layered Tarts
Besides éclairs, TLYA also sells a variety of tarts!

I appreciate the hard work that Sarah puts in crafting each éclairs and I recommend you to order their delightful éclairs as gifts or any occasions! Visit their Facebook at and follow them on Instagram @thelittleyellowapron for more updates and information on their bakes.
Contact: +65 96571511 (Sarah)


My last sponsor for desserts… Zee & Elle!! Started by a couple with an immense passion for food, both Zee and Elle begun their baking journey having met and graduated together from Culinary school. Their desire to bring fine quality bakes at affordable prices to everyone is seen in the quality of their sweet treats, with the belief that ‘good food is meant to be shared’.
Everything in their menu is home-made, from tart shells to sauces and jams! Zee & Elle loves meeting new people through their bakes and hope to share their sweet treats with everyone and be part of occasions that bring people together – creating a community brought together by food.

Chocolate Salted Caramel TartsChocolate Salted Caramel Tarts

Luscious molten salted caramel and semi-sweet chocolate sit in a crunchy tart and it was SO GOOD!!! I was amazed how thick and rich the caramel was. It’s no wonder why this is one of the bestsellers on their menu! I definitely fell in love with them.

Mini CheesecakesMini Cheesecakes

Served in petite squares, each slice is made with premium cream cheese which boasts in a smooth and rich texture. Each of these mini cheesecakes have the right balance of sweetness which explains why I love it so much. This is definitely worth indulging!

Zee &Elle also provides dessert tables and they have an extensive variety on their menu with cupcakes, breads, cakes, jams, sauces and pastries.

I recommend trying Zee & Elle’s bakes, they have such wonderful customer service too! Do visit them at for their menu. Follow them on their Facebook and instagram page @ze_bakery to find out their latest bakes and dessert tables!

Contact: / +65 97715825


Customized Balloon Columns with Numeric Balloon Foils

Standing alongside these beautiful balloon columns from Balloon Foil! Beautiful shades of red and pink were used and numeric balloon foils were placed on top. The balloon columns was sturdy and stable which was ideal for my party as we had to constantly move it around for photo taking. Set up was completed within 10 minutes and I also received spare numeric balloons, great service!

Thank you Balloon Foil for providing and setting up these customised balloon decorations. It certainly brightened up the room and was a lovely prop used for my photos! Do visit them on their Instagram page @balloonfoil for more of their event decorations.

TA-DAAAHHHHH! That’s the end of my posts of all my sponsors for my birthday. Once again a very big thank you to all the sponsors mentioned in this post.

Do read my post on BIRTHDAY SPONSORS PART 1 here! <3

With lots of love,
Xue Wei

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