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It’s official! This December, I’m finally doing something I’ve been wishing for my entire life. It’s getting my vision restored through eye correction surgery! If you haven’t read my previous post on this, read about it here first. I wrote about various considerations when choosing the best procedure, concerns, as well as several pre-procedure checks I had to undergo.


In my initial post, I had only scratched the surface of things to consider before opting for eye correction surgery. After my first visit, I took a second opinion and visited Lee Hung Ming Eye Centre. Lee Hung Ming Eye Centre, as the name suggests was established by the well-acclaimed Dr. Lee Hung Ming himself. With a host of accolades under his belt, Dr. Lee is widely recognised as a key opinion leader in cataract and refractive surgery. He is noted for having consistently performed innovative surgeries and successfully adopted the latest technologies as they were introduced in the respective regions.


To share my thoughts across in a more readable manner, I’ve formatted it in a simple Q&A format below 🙂

What made me decide to do eye correction surgery?

When I was younger, I didn’t think much about my eye health even though I noticed my myopic degree was increasing over the years. More recently, I encountered numerous eye-related problems including corneal abrasions and corneal infiltrates. This was due to my frequent usage of contact lenses which made my eyes extremely dry after a long day. As shared in my previous post, my myopic degree is currently more than 1,700 in both eyes such that using spectacles became such a chore and necessity to function. The lenses had to be thicker for me to see and I didn’t feel confident every time I put them on. I resorted to using contact lenses because of this which created so many unnecessary problems.

Unlike spectacles or contact lenses which corrects visions temporarily, eye correction surgery offers a long-term and hassle-free solution.

Did I visit multiple doctors? And why did I choose to visit Lee Hung Ming Eye Centre?

Yes definitely. I remembered when I was younger, I visited numerous eye centres and specialists to have an accurate assessment of my condition. I wanted to be assured that this will be the right decision. But it was only recently that I feel I had to address this option as a definitive solution to my problem. I guess I had subconsciously put this off for quite some time partly due to my finances, but more so because I was afraid.


I first came to know about Lee Hung Ming Eye Centre when I was doing my own research on the list of places to do eye correction surgery. They were listed as one of the top recommended places. Coincidentally, my mother often watches the channel 8 programme and recognised Dr. Lee who had appeared on one of the programmes. She commended on his expertise when I shared about it. As the saying goes “A mother always knows best” and truth be told I made the best decision by listening to her.



What was the pre-procedure checks like? How long did it take and do I have to prepare anything beforehand?

Before my appointment, I was advised by the friendly staff at Lee Hung Ming Eye Centre to stop wearing contact lenses for at least a week before the assessment consultation. The visit involved a series of eye examinations which thoroughly assessed various aspects of my cornea. The entire procedure including the consultation took roughly around 2-3 hours.

Sharing in more detail on the various eye examinations I had undergone below:

Auto-refractor, which was used to obtain a rough estimate of my myopic degree.
Non-contact tonometry, to check my eye pressure.
Corneal topography, to assess the corneal regularity and cornea thickness

After which, the staff performed a subjective refraction to determine my actual eye power before dilation. They had to dilate my pupils in order for Dr. Lee to assess the health of my retina (back of the eyes). We had to wait around 15-20 minutes to ensure my pupils were dilated. (*Do take note that your pupils will be dilated for 3-4 hours after, recommend to have someone accompany you home)

What happened during my consultation with Dr. Lee?


When I visited Dr. Lee, my immediate impression was his caring nature and instinctively I could feel his kindness even before we spoke. He had a cheerful and inviting smile which made me feel at ease. I was extremely impressed by the way he had addressed my current eye condition and he maintained the professionalism while explaining every bit of detail to me.


Why I chose to conduct my eye correction surgery at Lee Hung Ming Eye Centre is definitely because of Dr. Lee. He was informative and transparent with the procedure. He readily answered my questions such that I feel strongly at ease to make an informed decision. My utmost concern is definitely safety, and I felt that the consultation alongside his credible reputation allowed me to be assured that I am in good hands.

Was I suitable LASIK? If not, what’s the alternative?

I had long anticipated that I wouldn’t be suitable for the LASIK surgery as my myopia is too high. Dr. Lee advise that it would not be medically safe and advised other vision correction methods such as Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL). For more information on ICL, visit this link.

After the consultation with Dr. Lee, and having decided to opt for ICL, the staff further conducted a mapping of my eye with Verion. This electronic mapping enables Dr. Lee to provide a more precise correction and place the lens in the right position. Subsequently the staff directed me to the Endothelial Cell Count equipment which was used to check that my corneal cells are healthy before proceeding with the surgery, and the IOL Master to check the anterior chamber depth.

Present day:

I have officially booked my appointment for surgery am currently waiting to process the payment. Very excited to update on the progress very soon!

Lee Hung Ming Eye Centre
Gleneagles Hospital,
Level 3, 6A Napier Road,
Singapore 258500 (Map)
Contact: +65 6470 3366

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