Art + Education? – Q&A with Anna Kamsan, founder of Artducated

When we step into a room, what stands out the most – lights, angles, colour, space? But from a designer’s eye, it’s a matter of perspective. Freelance designer, artist and art educator, Anna Kamsan, shares that ideas are everywhere and part of what she does – from conversations to observing people, inspiration is just somewhere around the corner.

Growing her love for art since she was young, Anna has been on the journey to explore the creative side of her with her multi-disciplinary experience in visual communications, art and teaching – and today, leading her own company, Artducated. Anna shared her insights on what she does, her day-to-day work life and more in our Q&A below.

AAWF: Tell us about Artducated, how long you’ve been doing it and who your customers are?
ANNA: Artducated started since 2011. Previously, I was doing a lot of commissioned work such as pop art portrait paintings, oil painting. However, I realised that there is a gap in the market where people actually needed designers to help with the design elements to help market their startup businesses. Hence, I decided to create packages to help small or big businesses to design their collaterals such as name cards, brochures, posters and etc.

How did you came up with the name Artducated?
The brand Artducated derived from two words that mean a lot to me which is Art and Education. To be educated typical refers to the academics but, in the sense of the word I created ‘artducated’, it gives a new perspective on one developing different talents and potentials and being holistically educated in the artistic aspects.

When did you first get into creative design? And what were you doing before that?
I have always love art since I was young. I love creating, experimenting and exploring ideas which has allowed me to push the boundaries beyond my capabilities. However, after my ‘O’ levels, I decided to venture into the design industry taking a Diploma in Visual Communication, to step out from my comfort zone. Unfortunately during my 3rd year, I left because I felt that I did not fit in. So I took up Diploma in Art and Diploma in Teaching instead, and have been teaching art ever since. But little did I know, I still had the interest and passion in design. So, I started taking up design projects from friends and families and now it has slowly expanded. We registered our company just last year.

Past artwork

“It’s like my mind is fishing 24/7, and when something comes my way, I just catch it”

How’s your creative process like?
Occasionally, the poems arrive almost finished, as do some paintings. Who can say why? Clouds seem to open, and a spirit of creativity flows in. I’m thinking about ideas all the time. I paint portraits, so I get inspired having conversations and observing people. They give me hints for ideas. It’s like my mind is fishing 24/7, and when something comes my way, I just catch it. It’s a very organic process, basically. The main thing is to have an active mind all the time.

How would you describe your design influences and style?
My style is rather contemporary, where I enjoy mixing traditional painting techniques with artistic design. I like pushing my limits and trying out new and innovative ways to make something look pleasing.

Artwork - Anna Kamsan

Tell us about a project you had completed and most proud of to date.
I did a mural painting when I was 18 years old. At that time, I did not know it was such a big commissioned project to paint and design the interiors of a learning school in KOVAN. That was my most memorable project and am proud of it till today.

Anna Kamsan (2)

What are some challenges you faced while pursuing your dreams?
My biggest challenge would be suiting to my client’s needs and convincing them with a design I’ve created. At times, their needs require me to go against my design principles and we may make varying artistic choices although we have a common goal.

What are your 3 most indispensable tools while doing creative work?
I work best with Adobe Illustrator on my most reliable friend, my Mac desktop. I spend days and nights on it, determined to make my clients’ design ideas come true. Besides designing on illustrator, I am very well versed with acrylic and oil paints. My brushes would be the next most indispensable tool where I am most creative during my painting sessions.

Artwork - Anna Kamsan (2)

As a mum, what motivates you personally and how do you juggle between family and business?
I believe that there is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent. With this in mind, I ensure that I need to be best of myself to bring out the best in my family and my child. This gives me strength to persevere between family and business.

Little Artducated (4)

“As a mum, I believe that there is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent”

What’s your advice for aspiring designers who wants to get into this line?
You don’t know how it will happen. But you know it will. Art is all about problem-solving. The harder the problem is to solve, the more effort it takes.

What would you say is your next big thing or goal?
My biggest goal in life is for Artducated to reach out to a larger audience such as big companies and schools where I can share my abilities and reach out to people who appreciate my work.

Little Artducated_2Inspired by her son, Anna is currently working on creating a space and workshop for little kids called Little Artducated.

Check out the art work Anna made for An Affair With Food! We shared with her some ideas we had in mind and Anna creatively conceptualised this for us! We really love how she helped to actualise our story in a very simple yet minimalistic manner, and truly exceeded our expectations.

AAWF Namecard

Little Artducated is participating in one of the biggest event this year at the Kids World Fair 2017. Happening from 10-12 November 2017 at the Singapore Expo Hall 4, Little Artducated will be conducting a Trial Class (Creative Canvas) and Booth Activity (Paper Marbling) at a discounted price! Admission to the fair is free.

Trial Class Creative Canvas: Create your own masterpiece using acrylic paint on a canvas! This creative Canvas workshop is designed with beginners in mind. By following along with the, step-by-step process, your child will be able to learn to mix and blend colours. We’ll provide the paint, brushes, canvas and instructor. No art experience is needed! Just be ready to have a Creative good time!

Booth Activity – Paper Marbling: Give your child a fun, creative experience to enjoy in our Paper Marbling Workshop by Little Artducated. Paper Marbling is a method of aqueous surface design where paints floats on the surface of the water. The inks can be manipulated into whimsical, whirly patterns with a thin tip or with a gentle current of air which will then carefully transferred on paper!

Check out Little Artducated’s other classes and programmes on their Instagram and Facebook.

Little Artducated - Workshop (2)

Contact: Anna (86061943)

For art & design enquiries
Facebook: Artducated
Instagram: @artducated

For Kids workshop and Birthday Parties
Facebook: Little Artducated
Instagram: @little.artducated

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