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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Home-grown Brand Three Legs Cooling Water

Raise your hands if you were one of those kids who had to drink water from a uniquely-shaped bottle, with a somewhat unconventional name like Three Legs? *Raises hand* Likewise, I was very accustomed to drinking cooling water since I was young, and my parents would always buy them in a pack of 6 bottles for us. For those who aren’t familiar, Three Legs Cooling Water is known to relieve excessive body heatiness such as burning sensations, sore throat, headaches, pimples and acne, oral ulcers, constipation. I remembered back in my primary school days when I came home from a long day of school and my mother would always hand me a bottle of Three Legs Cooling Water. I guess the Three Legs Cooling Water could have been our parents’ way of showering us with lots of TLC (tender, love and care).

Three Legs Cooling Water (Original)
But why is it called Three Legs Cooling Water and why is it known to be good for us? Customers place a high value on cooling water, simply because it was bottled and packaged to appear fancy. But there’s other reasons too – here’s 10 things you didn’t know about the Three Legs Cooling Water brand.

1. A Home-grown Brand
Believe it or not, Three Legs Cooling Water is actually a home-grown brand, started by the Wen Ken Group back in 1937. With exports and production in our neighbouring countries across Southeast Asia, the brand still stands strong today with over 80 years of history under their belt.

2. Started In The Early 1930s, Right Here On Our Fishing Village
Guess what? Three Legs Cooling Water was first conceptualised back in the early 1930s to combat common ailments faced by early immigrants, dedicated to the provision of affordable medicinal remedies.

When Singapore thrived as a trading post for vessels, many merchants and immigrants from China, India and the Malayan Archipelago were attracted by opportunities brought by the trading station. With a tropical climate like ours and the labour-intensive industry at that time, many labourers were plagued by common ailments like headaches, skin rashes, body heatiness – and could not afford costly healthcare. To combat this, many turned to alternative remedies of traditional medicinal recipes. The Three Legs Cooling Water was conceptualised then, which ultimately rose in popularity among the masses due to its effectiveness and affordability.

3. A Household Name To Millions of People
Not only is the Three Legs logo familiar to millions of people in the Southeast Asian region, with the trademark three legs and iconic ‘obiang’ shape of the bottles, the phrase cooling water immediately points to Three Legs. It’s universally ‘OK’ to grab a bottle of Three Legs and people would know what you’re talking about.

Three Legs Cooling Water_New Flavours_Group_3
4. Also Comes In Guava, Lychee And Lime Flavours!

Three Legs Cooling Water has also launched three brand new flavours of Guava, Lychee and Lime as extended product lines to its traditional Cooling Water – in conjunction with their 80th anniversary celebrations.

Three Legs Cooling Water_New Flavours_Group_4 (Outdoor)
You can now get a refreshing fruity flavour, with a semi-sweet after taste. Our favourite is definitely the Lychee, with Guava a close second. Fret not though, the new flavours still retains the cooling properties without compromising on its product benefit! A healthier alternative to sweetened drinks, you can now have the best of both worlds with a beverage that’s deliciously fruity and healthy – fit for all ages.

New Flavour_Lime
The new flavours of Lychee and Guava Three Legs Cooling Water are already available in stores, while Lime is available exclusively at 7 Eleven outlets.

5. A Natural Body-cooling Elixir
But where’s the cooling from? Well, the cooling properties is made of de-ionized water and raw Gypsum Fibrosum and Calcitum – which is a Chinese natural ingredient called Shi Gao. If you visit those traditional Chinese medical halls often, you will probably have come across Shi Gao which has proven to effectively reduce body heatiness.

Or perhaps the next time you see your grandparents making a trip down to get their weekly dose of traditional Chinese medicinal herbs, ask them about it – they’ll know what you’re talking about and might share with you a thing or two from the past.

6. Three Legs Is Your Handy Combatant To All Things
If you’re having a cold, sore throat, fever, or just feeling under the weather – the flavoured Three Legs Cooling Water is suitable to combat various types of body heatiness. And if you have been out under the hot sun visiting during the CNY festive period, or perhaps indulged in countless Bak Kwa slices or pineapple tarts, Cooling Water is certainly your handy solution.

7. Never Underestimate Cooling Water’s Power To Stay Hydrated
Given the tropical climate and humidity in Singapore, even stepping out of your homes will get you perspiring immediately. Cooling water is also actually a good source for hydration and can be a lifesaver – so you can drink cooling water anytime, and not only when you have body heatiness.

Three Legs Cooling Water_New Flavours_Group_1
Or if you are training for a marathon or simply going for a jog around your neighbourhood, Three Legs is a terrific training companion – light to carry around and keeps your body temperature from spiking.

Recommended consumption:
Adults: 1 bottle (320ml) each time, 4 times daily
Children: (3-12 years): 1⁄2 bottle (160ml) each time, 4 times daily

8. Logo Symbolises Love And Gratitude
The Three Legs logo still holds true to the fundamental principle of love and gratitude, even after eight decades. Withstanding the changing times and generation, the logo symbolises a heritage of goodness and service to the people – featuring two legs on solid ground, with an additional leg which supports the healing process. Each leg symbolises the spirit, unity and progress of the Wen Ken Group.

Wen Ken Group_Corporate Logo– Parity (pointing up): representing equality and guidance from above
– Diligence (striding leg): representing the hard work and progress for continuous success
– Humility (kneeling leg): representing a humble heart and beginnings

Together, the three running legs are encased in double circles representing the internal and external stakeholders of the brand.

9. An Arduous Manufacturing Process
Quite a lot goes behind the manufacturing process to ensure optimum quality of the cooling water – which is manufactured at a factory in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. As the main component lies in the raw Gypsum Fibrosum and Calcitum, the purification process is unlike other water bottling companies where de-ionisation or distillation processes are commonplace. Instead, they utilise a unique purification technique to remove all contamination, mineral residues and impurities, then filtration process is conducted to breakdown the Gypsum Fibrosum.

Three Legs Cooling Water_New Flavours_Group_2
10. Started Production From A Humble Shop House
The Three Legs brand started production in a humble shop house in Singapore, before expanding their scale of production to a factory in Johor Bahru due to the burgeoning demand. Today, the Wen Ken Group has seen 3 generations in this family-owned group and is distributed to 20 countries around the world.

Three Legs Cooling Water_New Flavours

>>PROMO: Launch of New Flavours<<
From now till end March 2017, Three Legs Cooling Water is having a launch promotion of their three brand new flavours.

– Purchase 4 cartons (Lychee or Guava) at S$92 and receive an additional eight bottles of Lime flavour free of charge. Plus, they will deliver it to you too (Singapore only).
– To order, please call +65 6275 5677 or email

Wen Ken Drug Pte Ltd
Address: 2 Alexandra Road, #02-08 Delta House, Singapore 159919
Facebook: @ThreeLegsBrand
Tel: +65 6275 5677

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* This was written in collaboration with Wen Ken Group.

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