Stay In Ideas for Your Valentine’s Day Weekend


This Valentine’s Day, experience a variety of cuisines right in the comforts of your home. Over a poll which Foodpanda conducted, we found that Singaporeans considered home sweet home as the second most romantic place to celebrate in Singapore after Marina Bay Sands. Here are three Valentines Day ideas which you and your partner can implement to have a little fun together on the holiday of romance.

1. Put Together a Theme Night!

Be unique and pick a theme for your date at home! If you’ve got eyes on an Italian night, crack open a bottle of Chianti, cuddle and watch some classic Italian movies such as ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’. For an additional Italian touch, order a few hearty staples such as pasta and pizzas from District 10 Bar & Restaurant. Having a theme helps to pull your whole night together, bringing lots of fun.

District10District 10

2. Cook Together!



Spice things up in the kitchen and get adventurous by cooking something new together. Perhaps a new cuisine like Japanese? You could even make your own sushi from scratch or even decorate a bento box together. After you are done don’t forget to order in some side dishes from Marukyu, they make a perfect accompaniment to your Japanese specialties and wine. Don’t forget to put on some tunes and watch the magic happen in the kitchen!

3. Game Night!

Settle in for a night of fun activities to do with classic favourites like Twister and Monopoly. If you want to spice things up further, try out interesting games such as “Get to Know Me” Matching Game – by the end of the evening you’ll know a ton more about your partner. Order take out and try a different cuisine such as Mediterranean food from EPIKebabs! Make every date night an exhilarating one with fun surprises each time.


Have a lovely celebration! <3

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