Ippudo Launches First Kuro-Obi Takeaway Concept In Singapore

Itadakimasu! IPPUDO is famously known for their delicious ramen and KURO-OBI Singapore (or “Black Belt”) is the ONLY concept by IPPUDO in the world to offer Tori-paitan; a silky smooth, delicate chicken soup base.

Located at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, KURO-OBI allows for a quick service style / takeaway concept which is perfect for the busy working individual in the CBD area craving for an IPPUDO quick fix.

Menu and Order Chit
Menu and Order Chit

Priced very reasonably starting from S$8 per bowl, you can choose to customise your own ramen bowl with several options including:

  • Texture of the noodles (Soft, Standard or Hard)
  • Soup concentration or flavour (Light, Standard or Strong)
  • Amount of oil (Less, Standard or Rich)
  • Garlic and/or Onion (None or Standard)
  • Add-ons such as extra noodles, crispy seaweed, tender chicken chashu and umami egg

I appreciate this touch of customisation because who wouldn’t enjoy a bowl of ramen cooked specifically to your request?


I chose the Signature KURO-OBI ramen (S$12) and customized it to be “Standard” for everything with the exception of “Less oil”. Slow-cooked chicken chashu was served in lieu of the traditional pork chashu. A thicker noodles choice and a larger serving of noodles (140g instead of IPPUDO’s standard 100g) complemented the flavourful chicken broth perfectly. This was served with an umami egg and three pieces of tender chicken chashu.

When I had my first sip of the soup, my tastebuds immediately took over my thoughts. “Could this really be chicken broth?” It was incredibly flavourful and rich and I kept second guessing myself if this was indeed a chicken soup base.  I kept trying the soup to confirm (or convince) my tastebuds that it was chicken soup base. The tenderness of the chicken chashu was also a pleasant surprise, definitely a wholesome one bowl meal.


My dining partner tried the AKA-OBI ramen (S$10), suiting the tastebuds of locals looking for some spice. It features hints of spicy notes in the soup base and topped with spicy shrimp floss (more commonly known as Hae Bee Hiam). Personally I don’t take too spicy food but I found this level of spiciness to be acceptable.

Other options of ramen include CHA-OBI (S$9) – a light and clear vegetable broth with a medley of vegetables, SHIRO-OBI (S$8) – boasting a creamy and velvety broth consistency. Sides like Takoyaki (S$5 for 4pcs; S$8 for 8pcs) – a ball-shaped snack containing chunky octopus are topped with bonito flakes and powdered aonori. Karaage (S$5 for 3pcs; S$8 for 5pcs) or crispy and succulent fried chicken will appeal to both kids and adults alike.

Refreshing Goma Kyuri
Refreshing Goma Kyuri
Yummy Gyozas
Yummy Gyozas

For dining in, we tried IPPUDO’s signature sides of Goma Kyuri, a stunning refreshing featuring bite sized Japanese cucumber that was a perfect palate cleanser as well.  Thumbs up for bringing a simple dish to the next level! We also had a 10piece Gyoza which had a fragrant char and a good ratio of chicken filling to skin. It was accompanied with a generous amount of dipping chilli sauce and vinegar which I LOVED! We also had the Signature Lemon Soda (S$8) which included chunks of lemon, mint leaves and soda water. It even came with separate sugar syrup so you can adjust it to your own level of sweetness.  How sweet is that? (Yes, pun fully intended)

Signature Sparkling Lemon Soda
Signature Sparkling Lemon Soda

To complete your meal, IPPUDO has reinvented their dessert with noodles! Putting a spin on our local dessert almond jelly, IPPUDO took a step further by having the jelly in the form of noodles, because why not? The almond fragrance was subtle and not overpowering, a “clean” and satisfying dessert to end your meal.

Smooth Almond Jelly Noodles
Smooth Almond Jelly Noodles

Definitely recommend dropping by IPPUDO the next time you are in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore!

KURO-OBI @ Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue #B2-54/55 Marina Bay Sands Singapore 018972 (beside Skating Rink) Map
Opening Hours: Sun-Thu/P.H – 10.30-23:00
(Side Dish Last Order – 22:00 / Ramen Last Order – 22:20)
Fri & Sat/ Eve of P.H – 10:30-23:30
(Side Dish Last Order – 22:30 / Ramen Last Order – 22:50)
Instagram: @ippudosg #kuroobisg

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