Dine with Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s – All Day Brunch Classics and Visually Spectacular Desserts

Welcome to Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s, a cosy lounge café hidden in the heart of the Ann Siang Hill area at the newly refurbished The Club hotel. Located on the ground floor of the hotel, first impressions of the café is a warm and inviting place clad with warm blue hues and dark wood finishes.

Don’t be mistaken by the carefree and homely feel of this café as it also functions as the concierge area for guests checking into the rooms! At the ‘lobby area’ lies Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s, one of the four F&B venues at The Club. The café is coined the living room and is a perfect place to lounge with a cuppa or for soaking the weekends away!

Each furniture and pieces are specially curated to reflect the elements of a warm and inviting home – from the mismatched furniture, plush three-seater sofas, vintage figurines and everything you would find in a typical living room. That sets the theme and design for this café – inspired by the global travels of the couple, Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s.

The brand new menu offers well-loved brunch classics from their All-Day Breakfast like the English Fry Up ($18), Elvis’s French Toast – the couple’s tribute to their favourite artiste, or the Lobster Omelette, among other breakfast favourites.

Lobster Omelette – $16

The Lobster Omelette is truly a satisfying combination of flavours. Imagine a warm and moist centre, packed with a generous portion of dice lobsters…that’s what you get – the Lobster Omelette! Tried and tested to be one of the fluffiest omelette in town! The omelette is topped with gruyere cheese and artfully plated on a toasted sourdough.

Ricotta Hotcakes – $14

Much like the usual fare of hotcakes, Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s rendition serves a slight variation with Ricotta cheese infused in them. This makes for a denser and cheesier texture as compared to the light and fluffy ones we usually have. An interesting take to the hotcakes, not forgetting the aromatic and sweet flavours of the truffle honey to go alongside.

The Club Burger – $24

Don’t miss out on having The Club’s burger when you’re dining in to get a complete taste of a satisfying bite! Killer burgers from meat to patty ratio, with all the extra goodies layered inside. Topped with caramelized onions, Emmental cheese, and not forgetting the very best – Candied BACON! If you’re craving for a Bak Kwa type bacon, this is it. Served with a side of garden salad and fries.

Mrs Maxwell’s Slow-Cooked Lamb Salad – $16

Here’s Mrs Maxwell’s version of the lamb salad, prepared in just the style her husband likes it. Served with slices of Moroccan lamb, slow-cooked to perfection.

The dessert choices are visually spectacular as it gets, featuring items like the Crepe Suzette and the Baked Alaska.

Crepe Suzette – $16

The Crepe Suzette is prepared at the live station with each step demostrated in detail. Watch the friendly folks at Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s flambé the crepes with Grand Marnier – bringing back the traditional style of preparing this dish (just like in the 1950s), in full view of guests. The citrus flavours paired with the alcohol made for a burst of sweet and sour flavours. Topped with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

Baked Alaska – $16

Saving the best for last, here’s one of the highlights from the dessert items served at Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s featuring the Baked Alaska. Just the colourful mix of this dessert is so visually pleasing, what’s more it is topped with cotton candy! The Baked Alaska is in its full glory – vanilla ice cream encaved in a layer of meringue, doused with rum and flambéed while being served. A must try and a wonderful dessert to round up the meal.

Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s also serves up a mean range of drinks, ranging from coffee from Sarnies, morning pick-me-up juices or smoothies, and our favourite – ‘adult shakes’. Why adult shakes? They’re shakes with an alcoholic twist of course! Go for these creative concoctions and try flavours like the Vodka Peanut Butter ($16) or Piña Colada Breakfast Shake($16). A sure fine way to sneak in a bit of alcohol during the day.

Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s
Address: 28 Ann Siang Rd
Singapore 069708

Contact Number: +65 6808 2181
Operating Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 07:00am – 11:00pm
Friday & Saturday: 07:00am – 12:00pm
Sunday: 07:00am – 11:00pm

* This was a media invite and is written in collaboration with Mr and Mrs Maxwell’s.

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A foodie at heart, Xue Wei’s passion for food and travel translates to her daily snippets of her affairs on this website and Instagram. She enjoys quality family time and hopes to fulfil her dream to travel around the world with her loved ones.

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