Counting Sheep – Home Away From Home in Thong Lo, Bangkok

Introducing Counting Sheep, a cosy inn-spired cafe tucked along the streets of Ekkamai area in Bangkok. Some might miss this rare find due to its miniature shop front but don’t be fooled by the size as on the inside is a spacious 2-storey cafe, which makes it a fantastic spot to hang out and wind down!

We were greeted with a blend of cutesy décor and hipster finds all around the interior; some of it are sheep related items just like the café’s name. As the name suggests, the moniker Counting Sheep is sheepishly inspired by the owner’s testament to…yes literally counting sheep. As the saying goes ‘count sheep if you can’t fall asleep’, and this cafe sets the tone so perfectly with homely touches spread across the room.

The somewhat industrial framing and earthy tones is complemented with a splash of bright colours (set by the colourful mosaic paintings like The Beatles) giving the cafe a much livelier atmosphere.

Counting Sheep Menu

Counting Sheep Menu_02

Counting Sheep Menu_03

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Lasagna – 260 THB

The Lasagna is made with fresh sheets of pasta with minced beef and melted cheese sandwiched in them. A pretty commendable comfort food, best eaten when warm of course! What we loved about this dish was its pure simplicity, yet unfazed taste and texture that won our tastebuds.

Seafood Tom Yum PastaSeafood Tom Yum Pasta –320 THB

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, so of course we had to let the local Thai Flavours lead us into trying the Tom Yum Pasta, and boy we were not disappointed! The homemade pasta was cooked to perfection and generously topped with a spread of seafood fare – fresh prawns, mussels, clams, salmon and squids. The al dente linguine is drenched in moderately spicy and tangy tom yum sauce and it was especially fragrant, thanks to the finely sliced lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves.

Thai Tea Chocolate – 115 THB

Thai Tea? Yes. Chocolate? Yes. Thai Tea Chocolate while vacation-ing in Thailand? Yes please. As a popular drink hailing from Thailand, the Thai Tea Chocolate is a wondrous fusion of good ol’ tea with chocolate, and we were totally smitten by its level of sweetness! Though a little too sweet for my liking, it tasted extremely good nonetheless. The Thai Tea Chocolate is served in a slender and tall glass canister, so be sure to shake the contents before pouring so that it doesn’t leave the residue at the base.

AffogatoAffogato – 120 THB

An ode to an Italian tradition, the Affogato served at Counting Sheep was notably on point. We aren’t sure what coffee roasts were used but it was pleasantly soothing for the eyes and soul to see the scoop of vanilla ice cream get doused in a shot of coffee espresso. If you haven’t tried one before, I recommend making one as it is fairly simple to put together – one of the must try coffee-based desserts!

If you’re enroute or just passing by Thong Lo area with limited time to spare, I recommend putting this cafe on your list of places to check out. And if you’re missing home already, Counting Sheep will certainly make you feel all better.

Counting Sheep
Address: 26/1 Sukhumvit 61 Alley, Thailand (Map)
Nearesr BTS: Ekkamai
Contact Number: ++66 2 714 4477
Operating Hours:
Monday – Sunday: 09:00am – 11:00pm

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A foodie at heart, Xue Wei’s passion for food and travel translates to her daily snippets of her affairs on this website and Instagram. She enjoys quality family time and hopes to fulfil her dream to travel around the world with her loved ones.

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