Garden Picks- Deliciously Addictive and Wholesome Snacks

Garden Picks

Garden Picks is an online dried fruits and nuts shop where you get to enjoy a wide array of healthy and wholesome snacks. They believe that everyone deserves the very best that nature has to offer thus they aim to only pick the best fruits and nuts for their consumers, which are both nutritious and oh-so-delicious! <3

Snacking is an opportunity to fuel your body between meals and Garden Picks provides healthier alternatives to unhealthy snacks. This month, they sent me 3 delicious snacks for me to munch on, as well as organic rolled oats to make my staple food, Granola!

One of the many interesting gourmet flavours that Garden Picks offers is the Honey Mustard Soya Crisps. These crispy snacks had a tinge of sweet and sourness, definitely my favourite item of the lot.

Berry Mix consists of a delightful assortment of cranberries, california raisins, apricots and green raisins for a wholesome and guilt-free snack!

I used Garden Picks’ Berry Mix and my favourite fruits to make a simple fruit salad.

Recipe for a fruity snack, great for picnics too!
A bunch of grapes
A medium orange
A dragonfruit
Half a pack of Berry Mix

And here’s the granola I made using the rolled oats! Added in half a packet of the Berry Mix too 🙂

Thank you Garden Picks for sponsoring me with these delicious and addictive snacks.
Foodies, head over to their website now as they are having an all year round 3 for $10 specials!
Snacking should be a part of a well-balanced lifestyle but do remember to start snacking healthily! <3

Garden Picks
With lots of love,
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