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Cupcakes are always pretty looking but I always thought that they are too sweet for my liking.
So what makes a good cupcake?
In my opinion, it must (1) look tempting, (2) is soft and moist, (3) is not too sweet and yet still flavourful.
I was really happy when OMY Blog Club allocated this shop ‘Cupcakes with Love‘ to me as they serve cupcakes with a perfect balance, less sugar yet more flavour.

Cupcakes with Love
Cupcakes with Love in the Clementi Mall has a total of 17 flavours for customers to choose from and their flavours are deliciously innovative. These delightful cupcakes come in flavours such as Coffee Baileys and Adult Chocolate which consist of alcohol and their Dewy Durian is catered to the liking of Singaporeans! “Made with 100% Pure Love” is their motto and they freshly bake their cupcakes  every day, to bring our tummies joy and happiness!

Cupcakes with Love Menu

CupcakesLove the look of the store front, it is so sweet and girly!








I was thrilled to try these cupcakes which look so pretty and delectable!

Red VelvetRed Velvet

Hands down, BEST RED VELVET CUPCAKE I’ve had so far. The cream cheese frosting of their best-selling Red Velvet was smooth, the cake was so fluffy and decadent. This was so heavenly!

Chocolate StormChocolate Storm

Chocoholics should go for the the Chocolate Storm! This signature mud cake was topped with some good old fudge which complemented the cake very well! I love how soft and moist this cupcake was, the chocolate was not too sweet, just nice for my liking.

Dewy DurianDewy Durian

Dewy Durian may look simple but I love how luscious the durian purée that was on top of the vanilla-based cupcake is. The durian purée tasted very fresh too and this is the only cupcake that has to be stored in the fridge for it to stay fresh and yummy.

Adult ChocolateAdult Chocolate

Signature Rum is infused into this mud cake and topped with some good old fudge, so for those craving a taste of alcohol in their cupcakes, this is definitely a MUST-TRY! I always wonder how does a liquor cupcake tastes like and after trying, I found that there was a slight tinge of rum flavour, with more of it coming from the aroma itself.

Coffee BaileysCoffee Baileys

This flavour was intriguing to try. It had a rather strong flavour of coffee, not too much on the baileys flavour itself. A pretty sweet treat though.

Matcha MarvelMatcha Marvel

Being a Matcha fan, I fell in love with its Matcha Marvel. It is really rare to find a Matcha cupcake and I am so happy this tasted good even when they used less sugar for it. I love the green tea aftertaste after finishing this cupcake, and this is definitely my favourite flavour out of all of them.

Cupcakes_09Top Row (Left to Right): Salted Caramel, Banana Chocolate, Dewy Durian
Second Row (Left to Right): Peanut Buttercup, Red Velvet, Adult Chocolate
Bottom Row (Left to Right): Baby Milo, Coffee Baileys, Chocolate Storm

Each cupcake is $3.50, half dozen for $18, a dozen for $36. I feel that the prices are very reasonable for gourmet cupcakes. All cupcakes can be stored at room temperature for up to 3 days, except for Dewy Durian which has to be kept in the fridge to maintain its freshness.
I appreciate the non-pretentious style of the cakes, looks can be deceiving as these cupcakes were simply yummy!

Cupcakes with Love_01

Cupcakes with Love_02

Cupcakes with Love_03

Cupcakes with Love_04

Cupcakes with Love also sell many exquisite kitchenware and I bet girls like me will love these feminine and pretty stuff they have.

So what are you waiting for? Head down for some tasty treats! Those with a (less) sweet tooth will absolutely adore these cakes.

If you don’t really have a sweet tooth, head down to the Clementi Mall for more food options. The Clementi Mall is well complemented by a wide variety of established restaurants and cafes such as Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert, Ichiban Sushi, Seoul Garden Restaurant, ThaiExpress as well as confectioneries/snacks stores such as Baskin Robbins, Crystal Jade My Bread, Four Seasons Durians, Tori-Q and many many more!

I was actually planning to spend an hour at the mall but surprisingly stayed for 4 hours shopping and exploring with my family! This mall has so much to offer with many trendy and fashionable choices for me to choose from.

With more than 100 restaurants, cafés, fashion, sports and specialty stores, The Clementi Mall is an exciting, fun loving and fashionable shopping destination not just for the family but for the young and trendy. It is the heartland for people residing in the West, a place where shoppers will get a memorable and amazing shopping experience.

The Clementi Mall
3155 Commonwealth Avenue West
Singapore 129588

Shop Unit Number: #04-33
Contact Number: +6570 6693

Happy eating! <3

With lots of love,
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