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5 Best Items You Can Order from Wildfire Pizza Singapore

Sometimes, there is nothing more comforting than staying at home and ordering food to your doorstep. Even better – a cheesy, topping-filled pizza! Who else agrees? 🙂  If you’re looking for something more unique than the traditional pizzas, thankfully there’s Wildfire Pizza Singapore to look forward to! We first came across this brand from Best In Singapore which …


Freak Cakes? Only at Montana!

So we’re back at Montana, this time to try their latest hit in town called the Freak Cakes! Taking after their resident freaks – the Freak Shake, is the newest kid on the block that’s ingeniously handcrafted by the good folks and pastry masters at Montana. And you can be sure that this new freak …


On The Table- A Gem In The West

Another gem located in the western part of Singapore, On The Table serves a wide selection of food, ice-cream and waffles which boasts for a worthy trip down. As a sister restaurant to Lola’s cafe, this place incorporates certain similarities but with very distinct variations. I find that the ambience of a place is significantly as important as the …