Love For White Asparagus @ POOL GRILL (Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel) [Limited time only]

You don’t always have to be way up in the sky to enjoy a rooftop view – take Pool Grill for example, a five storey high al fresco restaurant nested atop the Marriott Tang Plaza. Located in the bustle of Orchard’s shopping district, you don’t have to flee far to enjoy a sweet escape from work-related woes, and enjoy good food, sips of cocktails and a pleasantly cool breeze.

Pool Grill bar

Pool Grill skyline

Though not much of a skyline, but dining beside a luxurious poolside does make up for it. There’s also an intimate patio away from the main dining area which makes for a romantic dining spot in the heart of the city.

Pool Grill poolside

Boasting a new selection of tasty Western treats, we tried their ‘Love For White Asparagus’ menu, presented in three distinctive presentations. We started with the Classic rendition – steamed white asparagus with poached egg and hollandaise sauce. Having asparagus in this format was new to me, but I particularly enjoyed the thick hollandaise sauce and the perfectly poached egg. We used it as a base to dip the tenderly cooked white asparagus.

White Asparagus_Classic Rendition

Next we had the Contemporary rendition, where raviolo, white asparagus, lobster ragout and squid ink converge. Though traditionally prepared with a rich filling of meat sealed between the layers of thin pasta dough, the raviolo was filled with white asparagus instead and made for an intricate pairing, balancing quite nicely with the sweet lobster meat. I was half expecting a slightly thicker sauce as it was slightly watery for my liking, but tasty nonetheless.

White Asparagus_Contemporary Rendition

White Asparagus_Contemporary Rendition 2

The showstopper for the evening was no doubt the Modern style – butter poached white asparagus served between 2 thick slabs of beef tenderloin topped with morel sauce and potato mille-feuille on the side. Perfectly grilled to medium rare, it was juicy, tender and finished well with the flavourful and buttery asparagus.

White Asparagus_Modern Rendition

Overall, it’s hard to resist chilling in this al fresco area, not just because it’s a rooftop location but simply for the vibe and atmosphere – comparable to other towering spots. We’ll  definitely consider visiting Pool Grill again soon to try their other signature dishes and cocktails. More details of their dining promotions here.

Pool Grill
Address: 5th Floor, Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, 320 Orchard Road, Singapore 238865 (Map)
Opening Hours:

11.00AM to 10.00PM
Sunday to Thursday (All-Day Dining)

11.00AM to 11.00PM
Friday & Saturday and Public Holiday (All-Day Dining)

11.00AM to 5.00PM
Sunday and Public Holiday (Brunch Menu)

11.00AM to 3.00PM
Monday to Saturday (Set Lunch Menu)

6.30PM to 10.00PM
Sunday to Thursday (Set Dinner)

6.30PM to 11.00PM
Friday, Saturday & Public Holiday (Set Dinner)

Facebook: Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel
Instagram: @singaporemarriott
Contact: +65 6831 4605

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