Long Chim Singapore- Come and Taste Authentic Thai Street Food

Long Chim specializes in serving authentic Thai food where you can easily find in the streets of Thailand. Celebrity Chef David Thomson’s Thai Food restaurant, Long Chim, meaning “come and taste” in Thai, is a delicious take on fast, affordable Thai cuisine.

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Long Chim Bar

Over at Long Chim , food are cooked at their open kitchen and guests get to enjoy full-flavoured, single-plated Thai street dishes. We were excited to indulge in their interesting and artfully crafted dishes!

For starters, we had a mouthwatering array of small plates which includes Wagyu Beef Skewers, Dried Prawns Ginger Toasted Coconut in Betal Leaves, Chiang Mai Larp Of Chicken, Cured Pork Fritter, Green Papaya and Fish Cakes.

Green Papaya – $21

As one of the starting appetisers, this is such a refreshing dish. The papaya slices were a good base for the citrusy zest blend of lime, tomato and nuts among others.

Dried Prawns Ginger Toasted CoconutDried Prawns Ginger Toasted Coconut in Betal Leaves– $14

Wrapped with the betal leaves, these traditional Thai street snacks come packed with dried shrimp, toasted coconut, fresh ginger, lime, chilli, and crushed peanuts. Eating each one is like an explosion of flavours; a party in the mouth!

Chiang Mai Larp Of Chicken– $16

Do not judge it’s unpretentious appearance as this dish packs a punch of flavours with the grounded chicken and strong hints of kaffir lime, red chilli and coriander. Extremely spicy for someone who can’t really take spicy food (although I love them), my tongue went numb after eating it.

Spicy Pork With Rice Cakes – $23

We were eager to dive into the main dishes and try some of Long Chim’s specialties!

Main Dishes- Thai Green Curry Chicken, Pad Thai and Stir Fried Baby Squid

Baked Prawns with Glass Noodles– $30

Sitting beautifully in the claypot is the classic Thai glass noodles beneath several big and fresh prawns. This was the highlight of the night as all of us enjoyed this flavourful dish very much.

Thai Green Curry Chicken– $24

Long Chim’s Thai Green Curry Chicken wowed me with its thick curry and the tender chicken pieces. However, I felt the price was a little steep though for the portion and will be more amazing if it was bigger.

We ended our sumptuous dinner on a sweet note with Long Chim’s exquisite desserts.

Desserts- Palm Sugar Pudding with Fresh Coconut, Jackfruit and Sweet Sticky Rice, Durian Icecream with Sesame Wafer

Jackfruit Sticky RiceJackfruit and Sweet Sticky Rice – $14

Replaced with jackfruit, this is the classic Thai Dessert with almost all Thai Restaurants here carrying their own rendition of this dish. The jackfruit exudes the right balance of sweetness and juiciness which pairs perfectly with the moist sticky rice. Oh yes, and drizzled with warm coconut milk. YUMS.

Durian IcecreamDurian Icecream with Sesame Wafer– $15

Durian Icecream in a Thai Restaurant? Hmmm, this is the first time I have encountered it. Made from pure, luscious durian flesh, this is so heavenly.

Thai Milk Tea

Long Chim’s Thai Milk Tea is presented so beautifully with the gradient effect and leaves decorated on it. Slightly on the sweeter side, I found it well balanced in terms of the tea taste and milk. It’s so smooth and milky where I had two cups during the tasting. One cup is not enough!

We really enjoyed the ambiance at Long Chim, extremely pleased with the service and not forgetting the delicious food. Everything is flavourful and spiced, a heaven for Thai food lovers just like me.

Long Chim Singapore
Address: Atrium 2, L2-02
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Contact Number: +65 6688 7299

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