Journey with Chang to Rediscover the Diversity of Thai Cuisine [PLUS EVENT – Chang Sensory Trails – 7-8 July 2017]

July 6, 2017
Chang Sensory Trails

Happening for just this weekend only (7-8 July 2017), come revel in the Chang Sensory Trails 2017 event at The Promontory, Marina Bay. Following successful debuts in London and San Francisco, Chang’s annual global gastronomy platform makes their third stop on its global tour, returning to Singapore for the second year running. This free to-enter, un-ticketed event invites audiences to discover the diverse facets of Thai cuisine.

Chang Sensory Trails 2016

Brought together by the iconic beer from Thailand – Chang, this globally recognized beverage as a symbol of the land of smiles is collaborating with renowned chefs and local Thai restaurants to bring the culinary escapade of Thailand to our shores. Following its inaugural launch last year, the Chang Sensory Trails event will bring together well-loved Thai cuisine from the streets of Bangkok, to undiscovered delicacies and cooking styles hailing from lesser-known regions on the Thai culinary map. Come journey with Chang beer as they explore a gastronomic playground centred on iconic Thai flavours, paired with live music and interactive art.

Chef’s Table with ‘Bo’ Songvisava & Dylan Jones of Bo.Ian (Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants)

The journey begins with Chang’s collaboration with two of the finest chefs from Thailand and Singapore to redefine Thai cuisine. Renowned chef couple ‘Bo’ Songvisava and Dylan Jones, whose restaurant in Bangkok, Bo.lan, is ranked among Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants will helm the second edition of the Chang Sensory Trails, as Chang’s Chef Ambassadors for 2017.

Chefs Bo and Dylan at Chang Sensory Trails 2017 in London_1

Chefs Bo and Dylan at Chang Sensory Trails 2017 in London

Driven by the belief that the best Thai restaurants should be found in Thailand, Chef Bo cofounded the restaurant Bo.lan in Bangkok with her husband Chef Dylan. The couple met while working at David Thompson’s Nahm in London, the first Thai fine dining restaurant to ever receive a Michelin Star. Bo.lan recently placed 19th at Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017.

Chefs Bo and Dylan at Chang Sensory Trails 2017 in San Francisco

Chefs Bo and Dylan at Chang Sensory Trails 2017 in San Francisco

Chang Sensory Trails 2016

Chang Festival 2016

We had a sneak peak of some of the dishes over at the Chef’s Table with Chefs Bo and Dylan at Long Chim Restaurant. The husband and wife team will be personally presenting their interpretations of iconic Thai dishes for their guests. Here’s some of our favourites from the seating and more surprisingly enough, our favourites weren’t the typical choices of Pad Thai or Green Curry, there’s indeed more dimensions than those to look out for!

Oysters with traditional seafood sauce and crispy shallots

‘Beachside Chill’ – Oysters with traditional seafood sauce & crispy shallots

The oysters were fresh, firm and fleshy with a clean taste. It is more petite in size but much sweeter than others I’ve tasted before.

Seafood salad with peanut praline dressing

‘It’s All About The Sauce’ – Seafood salad with peanut praline dressing

This refreshing salad comes with a generous portion of seafood including seared shrimps, squid and fish, on top of a vegetable mixture dressed with garlic, honey, ginger and homemade peanut dressing. A light, fresh flavour with a perfect dressing to compliment.

Deep-fried fish stir-fried with red curry, long beans & crispy fish cakes

 ‘A Crispy Impression’ – Deep-fried fish stir-fried with red curry, long beans & crispy fish cakes

This is one of our favourites, a Thai style home-cooked dish with a tantalizing deep-fried fish stir fried with red curry, long beans and crispy fish cakes. Spicy but a perfect pairing with a nice cold Chang beer.

Hot & sour soup of pork ribs & pickled mustard green

‘Leftovers Made Good’ – Hot & sour soup of pork ribs & pickled mustard green

A little too spicy for our liking, this dish had quite a familiar presentation like our local Bak Kut Teh, with the spicy notes of a Thai Tom Yum soup.

What not to miss at Chang Festival 2017
Offering a tantalising variety of dishes inspired by the chef couple’s memories, Chang Sensory Trails will offer a stellar line-up of food including:

Long Chim - Chiang Mai Larp

Long Chim – Chiang Mai Larp – Their First Northern Foray

Talay Thai - Tom Yum Lobster Bisque

Talay Thai – Tom Yum Lobster Bisque – Fishing For Love

The Thai Society - Gaeng Hang Lay Moo

The Thai Society – Gaeng Hang Lay Moo – It’s Different Up North

For more details of the event, visit Chang Beer’s Facebook page.

Event details:
Event page: Chang Sensory Trails 2017
Date: 7 – 8 July 2017 (Fri & Sat)
Time: 4 to 11pm (both days)
Venue: The Promontory, Marina Bay (Map)
11 Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018940
Facebook: Chang Beer
Instagram: @changbeerglobal

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