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Affair With Food is an online publication dedicated to bringing food, travel and lifestyle content to our readers. Originally founded in 2013 as a personal food blog, An Affair With Food’s humble mission still stands today: to encourage others to discover their favourite places and have intimate adventures be it with food, travel or just enjoying life to the fullest. An Affair With Food is more than just food, it is about the purest of adventures, people of all cultures, accommodation in every destination, history from past generations, and products that makes every place special. From eating at night markets in Bangkok to 5-star restaurants in Singapore or a shopping spree in Taiwan, we enjoy bringing new and unique experiences to our readers (especially in Asia!).

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An Affair With Food is managed by the ambitious appetites of Xue Wei and Keith, bringing their individual passions for food, travel and culture as one. Conquering destinations after another, the couple-team aims to build a web community that inspires others to discover the greatest pleasures the world has to offer.

Tan Xue Wei | Founder
Hello and welcome to An Affair With Food! I started this as a way of documenting my daily affairs with food, back in 2013. With so many good food opportunities out there, there wasn’t nearly enough platforms where people could read about other people’s experiences and honest reviews. I decided it was time for something new and what better way to combine my passion for food than starting a blog?

Here you can find various food topics, be it baking, visiting local cafes or trying new and different cuisines with my loved ones, adding to that a travel column dedicated to visiting destinations worldwide! Blogging has been an intimate experience where I can freely express my daily thoughts and inspirations. Connecting with people through my blog and getting inspired by others are also part of the journey which I hope to build further as I go on each day. Reach Xue Wei at xuewei@anaffairwithfood.sg

Keith Jonathan | Managing EditorIMG-20150322-WA00111
Keith is a thrill-seeker and adrenaline junkie who makes the best of his creative misdirection in his narrative. When he’s not chasing the dream of a wanderlust adventure, he enjoys spending his time dabbling in unsolved mysteries, conspiracy theories and paranormal pursuits. Reach Keith at keith@anaffairwithfood.sg



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