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Hair Makeover with Des Chow

Lately I’ve been in a need of a fresh change of colours and rejuvenation for my hair, and have been putting it on hold for quite a while now. I’ve also been meaning to add something special to it! So here’s presenting my latest hair transformation all done up at Envy Hair Salon! Love my …


Birthday Sponsors Part II

Here’s Part 2 of my birthday sponsors! Once again, sincerest appreciation to all the bakeries that provided me with these lovely treats <3 First up, Elijah Pies & Bakes! Their bakes are primarily about creating new fusion of tarts by using different ingredients and flavours. Whisked and handcrafted by the bakers themselves, they take pride with every …


Birthday Sponsors Part I

This year I’ve had such a great opportunity and pleasure to be sponsored by several bakeries for my birthday! Thank you to all the bakeries that collaborated with me, and in taking on a special role in adding that ‘sweet’ touch to my celebration. Your immense passion, dedication and hardwork is truly seen in the …