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Starke Digital Lock Review: 5 Reasons Why Your Home Needs A Digital Lock

Shortly after you’ve successfully applied, bid for and received the keys to your new home/BTO, you’ll probably be thinking about the renovation, designing and planning process of your new home. Part of your renovation will definitely include replacing the standard key and lock provided by HDB. For us, we did not immediately replace it but eventually got it after 1 year mainly for the convenience and safety. We’re so happy and satisfied with the Starke Seamless™️ Désignerin – which completely replaces the dreaded old key and even provides remote locking and unlocking.

With so many digital lock providers and brands out there, it might be quite challenging to choose one that meets your needs – in terms of affordability, reliability and safety. Perhaps our review of the digital lock will help you decide to finally make the switch.

1. Sleek & Stylish Design

One of the reasons why we wanted to get a digital lock was definitely the look and feel of it. The typical HDB-flat is fitted with the traditional mechanical lock and key, which we personally did not like because it looks outdated and old. We wanted something modern that matches our lifestyles, at the same time it is also the first thing that our guests will see when they arrive at our home.

While sourcing for digital lock options in the market, the first thing that comes to mind is the look, feel and overall design. We wanted something simple to use, yet with a sleek and stylish aesthetic. Thankfully, the Starke Seamless™️ Désignerin comes in a sleek all-black interface, with a silver lining all around the sides. The signature award-winning German-designed features a slim device specially designed to suit larger doors of modern homes. The digital lock measures 270 x 70 x 20 mm with a simple number pad on the top and a handle in the middle. We love that Starke Désignerin combines the best of functionality and elegance to elevate every modern home – especially with its irradiated keypad and touchscreen for nightfall access.

2. 5-Access Modes

Another reason why the digital lock is a must for your new home is so that you can finally ditch that dreaded old key! We no longer had to lug around a key or worry about misplacing it with a digital lock. The Starke Seamless™️ Désignerin digital door lock is really impressive in terms of being user-friendly. Besides being stylish and sleek, it’s ideal for any user young or old to be comfortable using the digital lock. There are 5 different access modes (fingerprint, passcode, mobile app, RFID card, keys) to accommodate every individual’s distinctive lifestyle.

To set up your new digital lock, you’ll just need one central account. First, download the App (TT Lock app), then set up email and complete your profile details. After, you can configure the PIN code, fingerprint set up, and other details to personalise your very own system. For guests, there’s also a provisional PIN code you can set up so you won’t have to disclose your personal household PIN code.

3. SenseTouch™️ technology

I’m sure we have all faced being locked out of the house before – whether it’s a case of forgetting to bring your key, misplacing them or just simply accidentally closing the door behind us. When that happens, you’d probably have to call a locksmith to help you out and then go through the troublesome process of replacing the keys. With the digital lock, there’s more than one way to unlock your door even if you forget to bring the card or can’t remember the code – just use your fingerprint!

A really cool key feature in their digital lock is the proprietary SenseTouch™️ technology. They’ve created a fingerprint sensor of superior sensitivity and accuracy – recognising even partial prints. We previously tested other digital locks but were quite frustrated with their unresponsive touchpads especially when your finger placement is slightly off, or even if there’s moisture in the air. You’ll definitely have no trouble getting in your home with this digital lock as it is unaffected by moisture, heat or humidity – giving you one-touch entry in just 0.5 seconds. On top of that, the Starke Digital Lock can store up to 100 unique fingerprints! You can easily scan and save a new print in seconds, and give access to family and friends, or whoever needs it.

4. Automatic Locking

The automatic locking feature may not be obvious to some, but we feel it is important to highlight especially when convenience and safety is our top priority. Previously when we were using the standard lock and key, we’d always be worried if we had locked the door. The automatic locking feature eliminates the call to re-check your digital door lock when leaving your home. As long as you’ve closed your door, you’d have peace of mind and assurance that your home is secured.

5. Safety & Reliability

One of our top priorities when deciding to get a digital lock is having that peace of mind with its safe and reliable features. A traditional mechanical lock and key only provides a certain level of safety which we feel is not enough.

STARKE locks’ security is unparalleled with auto-locking features, a cleverly concealed intrusion alarm, passcode randomizer functions and a bank-grade proprietary fingerprint storage system. You can also rest easy that your home won’t be intruded as all your biometric data is securely stored in their Anti-Hacking PrintSave™️ system, which is monitored by their dedicated data centres.

Besides safety, it is also reliable in terms of durability. It has a 3-year battery life, built with quality materials and has a layer of anti-rust lacquer to guard against moisture and humidity. For battery replacement, you’ll be alerted once the battery is less than 25% – which is easy to replace (just unscrew the bottom and top of the digital lock and you’re done!)

Overall, Starke products are tried, tested and trusted for over 20 years, so you’re definitely in good hands. If you’re looking to invest in a digital lock for your new home, head over to their website to check out their ongoing promotions and deals!

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