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8 Effective Tips To Care For Your Perms: Yoon Salon

I used to have very long tresses and it was a brave decision to cut them off to shoulder-length and have a perm. This was way back in February this year, and since then I’ve been loving this new style as it is easy to maintain. But recently it has become rather dry and I felt that it is finally time to find ways to care for my locks besides the usual shampoo and conditioner routine to keep the curls nice and fluffy! In this article, I’ll be sharing some tips on how I maintain my look after hair perming , my aftercare and monthly maintenance routine – I hope you’ll find some of these tips useful if you’re planning to have a perm!

After Perming

If you’ve finally made the decision to cut and to go for perming, it is also equally important to invest in the right tools and products to keep your curls in tip-top condition. My personal favourite way to find out the best care routine for your mane is to ask your stylist!

Tip 1 – Choose the right shampoo and conditioner

We were recommended by Yoon Salon to use a brand called Milbon – which is well-known in Japan. Specifically, the Milbon Smooth Shampoo which helps to untangle and smoothen unruly locks. As my scalp is rather dry, it makes my locks dry and frizzy so using this shampoo really helps a lot especially to keep it smooth. This smoothing shampoo was recommended to help my tresses improve in their overall texture, leaving every strand feeling silky – smooth and soft.

It is also essential to use a conditioner daily to maintain your perms too. In terms of the type of conditioner, I would suggest sticking to the conditioner that is specifically suited for your hair type – whether it’s dry, curly, oily or even coloured. That way, you won’t interfere in the entire hair care process and will leave your locks with that shiny, bouncy feel.

Daily Maintenance

Tip 2 – Moisture, moisture, moisture!

This is something I did very diligently at the very start when I first did my perm. Of course, when time passes by you do get complacent and lazy – but I can’t stress this part enough! Besides conditioning on a daily basis, I would recommend also doing a hair mask at least once a week. A little pampering will really do good as it will prevent tangles, dryness and will restore your hair’s elasticity.

Tip 3 – Swap out your comb!

When I first did my perm, I was advised not to wash or condition my mane for at least 24-72 hours. That was really long and I felt uncomfortable but it was necessary to do so. This step helps to keep your perm fresher for a longer time. As a means of getting through it, I would use my fingers to comb my strands and even scrunch my hair to achieve that soft, sultry waves.

Of course it was a temporary fix, so I finally swapped this method for a wide-toothed comb. Using a wide-toothed comb is good because it can help with any tangle. Just remember to only comb your hair when it is wet, and only when necessary to avoid breaking or damaging your strands

Monthly Maintenance with Yoon Salon

Tip 4 – Go for monthly hair treatment

Yes, this is quite explanatory but it is actually much easier said than done! Going for a treatment is akin to going for a regular massage or even taking a break after a stressful day. We often forget that our crown is also important and sometimes having a shower is just not enough.

For me, I chose to do my hair treatment with Yoon Salon. At YOON, you can choose from four kinds of treatment including moisture, smooth, anti-frizz and repair. What I did was the moisture treatment which involves a very comprehensive six steps routine – primer, moisture repair foam, moisture repair cream, moisture sealer, cuticle coat and weekly booster. Personally, the experience of doing the treatment was very rewarding because I was immediately able to see the difference and it really worked – very soft, and you too see the nice lasting shine below.

So happy with how bouncy and soft my hair feels after the treatment!

A treatment at the salon is usually recommended to be done once in two or three months to keep curls from getting excessively dry, strengthen weakened strands, and help maintain lustre.

After Care

Tip 5 – Avoid using high heat from the blow-dryer

After showering, avoid using high heat from any type of styling tools / blow dryer, or even vigorously rubbing your tresses dry. This will cause it to become frizzy and dry very quickly. In my routine, I have switched to the cold air option to blow dry. Even though it takes a much longer time, I’ve learnt to accept this aspect of my hair care routine since it will help to keep my crown full of moisture to last me through the entire day – especially so since I usually wash my locks daily the night before.

Tip 6 – Use curl defining products

If you do have some time, I would recommend using after-care curl defining products to keep the curls full and more defined. I use the Kerastase Creme  after my hair is about 80% dry. I rub the cream into the very last ¾ ends of my curls. When applying, just gently run the ends of your locks with your fingers, following the curls and scrunching it in. Then hold it for about 3-5 seconds.

I use this little hack when I am rushing out, and it is especially handy when I am having a bad hair day as it helps my curls stay in place!

Tip 7 – Style your curls!

With time, your mane will definitely grow out and it will affect the bounce of your curls since it will be weighing down. I’d recommend visiting your stylist every 4-6 weeks, and trim the split-ends regularly! It’s really simple to do this and helps get rid of those pesky tangles.

Tip 8 – Sleep right and tight!

Yes that’s right – your sleeping position matters! When sleeping, I often lie down sideways to minimise any friction or movement of my hair. Since we will also naturally move a lot while being asleep, I usually push my tresses to the front of my shoulders to make sure I don’t flatten my curls.

How Long Did My Perm Last?

It has been more than six months since I did perming and I feel that daily maintenance can go a long way in keeping your locks healthy. Hope these tips gave some insights on taking care of your curls better! 🙂

With lots of love,
Xue Wei

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