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6 Cool Things From Mint Home To Make Your Home Unique

When moving into your new home, the first few things to get on your list would probably be the bigger items like a bed, furniture, TV or wardrobe. Besides the essentials and design/decor of the house, we rarely take note about the smaller items that reflect our own personal style. Of course the best way to make your space as unique as possible is to personalise it to your experiences – hanging your favourite pictures, art, momento from a holiday or anything that makes your home a source of inspiration and creativity. If you’re looking for some ideas or unique ways to personalise your home and spice things up, here are 6 cool things we recommend getting from Mint Home.

1. Couple’s Home – Custom Coir Mat

Starting from the very entrance of your doorstep, the Custom Coir Mat is the perfect way to welcome your guests. Mint Home offers a few customisation options and we decided on the Couple’s Home design which is really clean and elegantly designed. Material wise, it is made from dense coir coconut fibre and is ideal for removing dirt, mud and moisture. The mat measures at 40cm x 60cm and feels extremely durable with a non-slip PVC backing.

Customising is simple too – all you have to do is add the names and the est. date. Other template designs include ‘Behold Design’, ‘The Family Name’, ‘Home Sweet Home’, ‘You Are Here’ and more. Mint Home is also able to take in your preferred custom designs.

Shop here: https://www.shopminthome.com/product-page/couple-s-home-custom-coir-mat

2. Engraved Chopping Board

If you cook at home often, you would know that cutting boards are arguably one of the most important tools in the kitchen. For us, we personally love the stability that cutting on a wooden board gives and got the Engraved Chopping Board. The board is made from Europe natural beech wood which has a fine, tight grain and texture. Besides being extremely durable with a high shock resistance, its naturally light colour makes for a nice home décor that you can hang on the wall to display. Each cutting board also comes with a Mint Home canvas gift bag along with a thoughtful care card.

The board measures 38cm x 18cm with a thickness of approximately 1.3cm and has a little handle on one side, so you can carry it easily or double up as a serving board or cheese board. Other designs include ‘Eat Well Travel Often’, ‘Pinch of Patience’, ‘I’m Sorry When I’m Hungry’ and more. Mint Home is also able to take in your preferred custom designs.

Shop here: https://www.shopminthome.com/product-page/eat-drink-be-married-typography-chopping-board

3. Pineapple Tissue Cover

Mint Home has a variety of tissue cover/holder designs, but one that truly stands out is their Pineapple Tissue Pouch. We love that this tissue holder is fun and makes a great conversation piece. It’s also a really easy way to brighten up the room with its bright, pastel colours no matter where you set it up. Especially for those who loves pineapples, it’ll definitely be a prosperous addition during Chinese New Year. The tissue pouch measures 31cm x 15cm.

Shop here: https://www.shopminthome.com/product-page/pineapple-tissue-pouch

4. Instant Noodle Cup (Blue & Red)

Those who love cup noodles, fall in! No matter your love-hate relationship with cup noodles, we can agree that it’s one of the easiest way to have a complete meal – better yet combine it with some leafy greens, egg and a slice of cheese for the ultimate cup noodle meal.

If you dread eating from the foam cup itself, why not take it to the next level and eat it in a ceramic bowl instead? This bowl is a wonderful novelty gift idea for those who love instant noodle and also looks great on display. Available in 2 sizes short (11.4cm x 15cm, 800ml) and tall (13cm x 11.8cm, 650ml) in blue and red, and comes with a ceramic lid to keep your noodles well simmered up.

Shop here: https://www.shopminthome.com/product-page/instant-noodle-cup-red

5. Pastel Magnetic Memo Planner

Whether you live at home alone, family or your significant other, this Pastel Magnetic Memo Planner will definitely help you to keep track of things and stay organised. There’s a section for each day of the week which is really useful to keep family in the loop on what’s for lunch/dinner during the week; and a notes section to write your shopping list or daily reminders.

The memo planner measures 40cm x 30cm and sits flat against the fridge or any metal surface with its fully magnetic backing which makes it very easy to write on. Comes with a whiteboard marker.

Shop here: https://www.shopminthome.com/product-page/pastel-magnetic-memo-planner

6. Tricolour Spice Storage Canister

Mint Home_Tricolour Spice Storage Canister

If you’re looking for an ergonomically-designed and unique storage jar to store your spices or ingredients in, the Tricolour Spice Storage Canister will make a great addition to your kitchen. This minimalist Nordic jar is made from ceramic and comes in three colour schemes of gey, white and green. Each jar measures 28.5cm x 10cm x 9.5cm, with approximately 300ml capacity.

Each set comes with 3 x storage jar, 3 x ceramic spoon, 3 x bamboo lid and 1 x bamboo plate.

Shop here: https://www.shopminthome.com/product-page/tricolour-spice-storage-canister

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