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5 Things To Consider For A Home Office Makeover & Style Inspirations With Scanteak

We’ve been living in our new home for about a year now, and we love it so much – from our furniture choices, to the finishing, design and space layout. But one thing we’ve not yet fully complete was our study room / home office. We’ve been putting it on hold for the longest time – but thanks to the circuit breaker period, we finally decided it was time to do a mini makeover. Since we’ll be spending majority of our working hours there, we wanted to create something new, fresh and inviting.

We’ve curated our space with simple yet practical ideas previously, so we challenged ourselves to find the most suitable and affordable items that could match with our Scandinavian and minimalistic theme. Before deciding, we thought about the approach on the makeover. Simple? Budget-friendly? Colour? Ergonomic designs? Plants? Durability? The only direction we had to start with was our wood-element ceiling fan. There were just too many ideas but one mood board from a brand instantly caught our attention – Scanteak! Since our furniture hunting days, Scanteak has always been our dream furniture with their amazing visuals showcasing the different home configuration ideas spurring our imagination on what it can do for our home. We also love how beautiful and natural the teak furnishings look, offering simplicity, durability and unclutteredness. Before we knew it, we were already on their e-commerce store picking out our furniture and enjoying every bit of it!

For all new home-owners out there who are thinking of having a little home office makeover or just looking for quality and affordable furniture, read on to find out 5 things you should consider first and some of our favourite loots you should get from Scanteak. Read till the end to watch a little video we did of our home office makeover!

1. Size and functionality of the room

If you live in an HDB or one of the new BTOs, you would probably know how compact the space is. Our home office honestly isn’t that big, so the awareness of space and dimensions guided our choices. We needed two individual desks that were proportionate to one another, yet just the right size so it doesn’t take up the entire room. We decided to get the Vinna Writing Table mainly because of its size which measures only 120cm wide and 52cm in depth – so it’s perfect to place 2 tables side by side. The table is really sleek on its own and comes with 1 middle drawer for easy access and storing of stationary. In terms of weight distribution, it’s sturdy enough to hold an iMac or any desktop computer steadily.

Scanteak_Vinna Writing Table 2

We’ve been using the table for a few weeks now and what we’ve come to realize is the simple design touches that one might overlook when purchasing a table. Firstly, the Vinna Writing Table has rounded corners – so you can say goodbye to all those hard bumps or scratches caused by the sharp corners! Secondly, the table has an elevated groove on the sides and back of the table top – which is great because you don’t have to worry about things rolling off the table. Thirdly, there’s a little gap / break on the back of the table so you can fit your cables in neatly. It really goes to show the thought they’ve put into the design process and functionality of each furniture piece.

2. Standalone vs Built-in Furniture?

Scanteak_Skott Display Bookshelf

Having browsed several designs on Scanteak’s e-commerce website, we noticed that they’ve curated their furniture pieces to appeal to a wide variety of storage solutions. Whether you’re looking for a 2 by 3 or 3 by 3 bookcase, or 2, 3, 4 or 5-tier shelving, there’s surely something for everyone. As compared to built-in furniture, standalone furniture is always great to add proportion and gives you the flexibility to reconfigure anytime you like.

Scanteak_Skott Display Bookshelf 2

If you love the open-space concept like us, consider getting a freestanding shelving unit such as the Skott Display Bookshelf to create a pseudo wall or a divider that doesn’t disrupt the flow of the room. For us, we used the bookshelf to match our open-space layout, aesthetically denoting our working and relaxation corner. What we love the most about this book shelf is that it is an A-shaped bookshelf – which looks aesthetically pleasing on its side and practical too since there is more shelf space on the lower tiers. The top tiers are reserved for our literature, memorabilia or just photo-mementos 🙂

3. Unity / Common trait

Scanteak_Skott Display Bookshelf 3

This is probably one of the more obvious considerations – unity. For us, the common trait or one element to tie the room together goes back to the wood finishing and Scandinavian theme of our room. We paired our tables with the Stellan Chair – which goes up to a height of 95cm.

Scanteak_Stellan Chair

The height of the backrest is just perfect and lines up just right underneath our shoulders for a full backrest support. Besides matching the finish of our table, we love that the Stellan Chair has narrow wooden frames such that it doesn’t look too heavy or bulky. It is lightweight enough to carry around yet feels safe and sturdy to rest your full weight on. At the end of the day, this is more of a personal preference and pairs well with the rest of our furniture! 🙂

4. Comfort

Scanteak_KORS Sofa 1 Seater 2

Aesthetics aside, another consideration to look out for is comfort. Scanteak’s KORS sofa series not only offer quality and affordable options, there’s also comfort in their understated elegance. This was probably one of our most difficult choices to make because they have so many amazing sofa and daybed designs that we just couldn’t pick one. We finally decided on the KORS Sofa 1 Seater which has a unique cross-shaped design on its sides.

Scanteak_KORS Sofa 1 Seater

It measures 84cm in length and has a depth of 72.5cm which means you have a quite a bit of sitting space! The KORS Sofa 1 Seater also comes with high-density foam cushions which does a pretty great job in providing good back support covering midway up the length of your back so you won’t be slouching or bending too far forward.

5. Maintenance

Our final takeaway is the topic on maintenance. We love that Scanteak uses sustainably and ethically sourced teak certified by the Rainforest Alliance. Besides their commitment to preserving the environment, teak wood is relatively low-maintenance known for its durability and solidity, as long as you keep it dry and avoid exposure to sudden or extreme temperature changes that may cause the wood to expand or contract.

Scanteak_Study Desk

Scanteak_Study Desk 2

We got the KLASS Chest of 9 Drawers and Study Desk which doubles up as a dresser and absolutely love the unique grain patterns. Each furniture is truly a one-of-a-kind piece with a distinctive character varying in colour and pattern. When we first installed the drawers, we were intently looking at the grain pattern, little knots and marks of the wood. Seeing something so beautifully designed yet functional in our home made us feel very happy to have this environmentally-friendly addition to our home! Maintenance wise, we would regularly dust it or use a soft cloth with warm mildly soapy water. The Scanteak team also shared that we can oil the furniture to enhance the beauty of teak wood and maintain its warm glow. You can find more information to maintain your teak furniture via their helpful guides and FAQ here.

At the end of the day, it’s important to be prudent when it comes to shopping for furniture. While the above considerations may provide some insight on deciding what furniture to get next, always remember to pick something that fits your needs and comfort the best – that can be enjoyed for many years to come!


In the meantime, don’t miss out on Scanteak’s upcoming promotion to enjoy massive savings on your next sofa set! From 6 July to 2 August 2020, enjoy 50% off 1 or 2-seater sofas with every purchase of a 3-seater sofa (selected collections only). Plus, take home free sofa covers for designer range sofas (USP: from $300). For those looking for mattresses, they’re having a 12% off all regular priced mattresses. Good deals must share, don’t say we bojio! Visit Scanteak for more information.

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