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5 Inspiring Local F&Bs That Do More Than Just Serve Great Food

With circuit breaker “officially” ending on June 1, I’m sure many of us are staying hopeful that things will get better in time with the gradual resumption and preparation plans the government has in place. While we wait patiently to tide this over together, we hope to bring light to those fighting to stay afloat – especially the F&B industry which has been among those hardest-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our love for food has always been a part of us and as much as we can do to help, we hope to use our platform wisely to share some amazing acts of kindness in Singapore. Be it a big or small action, these local F&B businesses are going all out to bring good food to your home, all while supporting a community that is much in need – the delivery drivers.

Check out these 5 local F&B businesses who are giving 100% of the delivery fees directly to the delivery drivers and order from them the next time round! #supportlocal #savefnb

1. Black Fairy Coffee

Black Fairy Coffee_Mentaiko Salmon DonMentaiko Salmon Mini Don ($10)

If café-hopping was your go-to weekend hobby before the circuit breaker period, then you’ve probably heard about Black Fairy Coffee. Located in the ever-popular enclave of the Jalan Besar district, Black Fairy Coffee is no stranger to serving up a good cup of coffee alongside your favourite brunch item. A cosy coffeehouse by day and a merry drinking hangout by night, Black Fairy Coffee crafts simple delights with a magical twist. Besides all-day brunches, they also serve Asian fusion dishes and bar bites including their signature Popcorn Latte, (Korean-style) Soy Chicken, Rustic Beef Stew and the selection of hearty bentos.

What to order?

Rustic Beef Stew ($21.50)

If you’re craving for café food in the comfort of your home, don’t miss their Rustic Beef Stew ($21.50) – a hearty dish with tender beef chunks, carrots and potatoes. For the usual brunch options, try their Morning Feast ($23.50) which comes with a medley of bacon, eggs, mushrooms, salad, tomatoes and more. Other must-trys include their Broccoli & Mushrooms Sandwich ($15), Unagi Kabayaki Bento ($22), Bulgogi Beef Bento ($20), Soy Chicken ($16) and their CB Special – Mentaiko Salmon Mini Don ($10).

Delivery fees:
– Minimum order $25 – $10 islandwide delivery
– Orders above $50 – $5 islandwide delivery
– Orders above $80 – free islandwide delivery
*Order from them the next time you’re planning on delivery – 100% of the delivery fee goes directly to the drivers!

Black Fairy Coffee
Address: 131 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207553 (Map)
Website /
Instagram: @blackfairycoffee

2. Good Luck Beerhouse

Need a cold one to celebrate the end of the week? Why not try Good Luck Beerhouse, home to the best Singaporean craft beers. Delivering your favourite craft beers straight to your doorstep, this craft beer bar along Haji Lane will surely satisfy your cravings for good beer and food. With 12 rotating taps, you can expect the same level of local craft beers fresh from their taps which are bottled straight into takeaway 640ml bomber bottles, purged with CO2, capped and sealed for maximum freshness.

What to order?

Good Luck Beerhouse_Oyster Omelette and Signature Char Kway TeowOyster Omelette ($12) and Char Kway Teow ($12)

Besides their various brews from local brands like Smith Street Tap’s 6th Anniversary IPA ($25), Off Day Double ($25), Kiam Sng Di (guava sourplum gose) ($25) and more, they have also partnered with Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall to bring local hallmark stir-fry dishes like Hokkien Mee ($12), Vegetarian XO Carrot Cake ($10), Char Kway Teow ($12) and Oyster Omelette ($12) straight to your doorstep. For those planning a zoom party, order their Happy Hour Zoom Bundle ($200) – where you and 3 other friends will each receive 2 x 640ml of local craft beer and a plate of crispy boneless shrimp paste Karaage.

Delivery fees:

– No minimum order – $10 islandwide delivery
– Free islandwide delivery for orders $75 and above
*Order from them the next time you’re planning on delivery – 100% of the delivery fee goes directly to the drivers!

Good Luck Beerhouse
Address: 9 Haji Lane, Singapore 189202 (Map)
Instagram: @goodluckbeerhouse

3. Kazo Singapore

Kazo_PoloKazo Polo (1pc for $3 / 4pcs for $11)

For those who need something sweet and savoury to press on through the day, these delicate Taiwanese pastries from Kazo Singapore offers the most satisfying indulgence. Savour a taste of some of their most popular items combining the most authentic ingredients from Taichung with Singapore’s fresh produce.

What to order?

Kazu Kazu (1pc for $4 / 3pcs for $11 / 6pcs for $20)

If you like something truly indulgent, order their Kazo Polo (1pc for $3 / 4pcs for $11) – imagine a crumbly polo bun exterior with Golden Lava, Hokkaido Milk, Chocolate or Chicken Floss sandwiched in between. For something more unique, order their Kazu Kazu (1pc for $4 / 3pcs for $11 / 6pcs for $20) – an elongated crust filled with a generous cream filling of Hokkaido, Chocolate or Matcha. Other highlights include their Durian Cream Puff (1pc for $2.80 / 4pcs for $10), Crispy Cream Puff (Hokkaido, Chocolate, Matcha) (1pc for $1.80 / 6pcs for $10 / 12pcs for $19) and their Kazoman (Organic Soya Bean or Organic Matcha Latte) (1btl for $2).

Delivery fees:

– Minimum $15 order – $10 islandwide delivery
– Free islandwide delivery for orders $40 and above
*Order from them the next time you’re planning on delivery – 100% of the delivery fee goes directly to the drivers!

Kazo Singapore
Chinatown Point: 133 New Bridge Road, #01-30, Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413 (Map)
Suntec City: 3 Temasek Boulevard East Wing, #01-K7 (Tower 4), Singapore 038983 (Map)
JCube: 2 Jurong East Central 1, #B1-K11, Singapore 609731 (Map)
Instagram: @kazosingapore

4. My Thai Pot

My Thai Pot_Tom Yum Fried RiceTom Yum Fried Rice ($12.20)

If you’re missing that intense and distinctive flavours of sweet, salty, sour and spicy flavours of Thai food, recommend satisfying your palate with My Thai Pot. Or if you miss Thailand in general, they serve an authentic spread of yummy Thai dishes that will take you back to the land of smiles in a heartbeat. What we love about them is that even in doing delivery orders, they’re passionate about their craft with each dish beautifully plated – just like how you would have it when dining in. A really noteworthy mention too is that they can customise your requests to tone down or amp up the spicy level – be it hot, mild or non-spicy.

What to order?

Blue Pea Mango Sticky Rice ($8)

Besides the usual spread of Thai dishes, our favourites to try are their signature Stir-fry La La ($14.20) and Tom Yum Fried Rice ($12.20). Their Thai version of stir fried lala clams compliments the unique sweet-tasting flavour of the clams while the their tom yum fried rice has all the beloved flavours of the Thai chilli paste, lemongrass, lemongrass and ingredients with even spoonful. For desserts, a must to order is their Blue Pea Mango Sticky Rice ($8) – a classic dish infused with butterfly pea flower to get that blue-hue sticky rice. Other highlights include their Basil Pork ($10.20), Thai Style Chicken Wings ($7.20), Prawn Cake ($8.20), Pineapple Fried Rice ($6.70), Omelette Seafood ($10.20), Pad See Eww Seafood ($6.70) and Pad Thai ($12.20). For the quality and authentic flavours, it’s pretty value for money.

Delivery fees:

– Minimum $40 order – $6 – $12 islandwide delivery
– Free delivery within Bukit Panjang and Chua Chu Kang
*Order from them the next time you’re planning on delivery – their drivers receive a minimum of $10-$18 per delivery (the folks at My Thai Pot absorbs the difference for the delivery)!

My Thai Pot
Address: 635C Senja Road Singapore 673635 (Map)
Instagram: @mythaipot

5. Yao Heng Cooked Food

Pork Rib Prawn Noodles ($4.20)

We’ve been craving prawn noodles for the longest time and it was definitely worth the wait to finally enjoy that intensely rich flavours from Yao Heng Cooked Food. Started by Chef Ong and his wife in 1976, Yao Heng Cooked Food has been serving up locally-infused Hokkien and Teochew dishes for over 45 years. Armed with their passion for cooking and loyal customers, they’re keeping their time-honoured recipes and tradition by bringing the food straight to your doorstep. Despite the drop in sales and increase in cost (raw and packing material), they’ve also stood by their prices to keep the food pricing affordable in their estate. Head to their page to support them, plus they’re also giving their delivery riders 100% of the delivery charges.

What to order?

Mixed Cuttlefish ($4.20)

If you’re like us and love traditional hawker fare, try their Prawn Noodles ($3.20) or Pork Rib Prawn Noodles ($4.20) – for that comforting bowl of broth and that tinge of sweetness from the prawns. They also serve other Teochew delicacies like Satay Bee Hoon ($3.20) and Mixed Cuttlefish ($4.20) – which comes with sliced pineapples, mango, achar, kangkong and cuttlefish.

 Delivery fees:

– No minimum order – $6 – $15 islandwide delivery
*Order from them the next time you’re planning on delivery – 100% of the delivery fee goes directly to the drivers!

Yao Heng Cooked Food
Address: Boon Lay Place Food Village Blk 221B #01-101, Singapore 642221 (Map)
Instagram: @Yaohengcookedfood

Let’s support local businesses and do some good!

Hard times don’t create heroes. It is during the hard times when the ‘hero’ within us is revealed.” — Bob Riley
And it’s through these difficult times, we see these restaurants doing their part to help the community. Thank you!

With lots of love,
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