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Run Run Sushi – Grab & Go Sushi With Premium Ingredients

If you love all things Japanese like us, then run run sushi will definitely be up your alley.

Nestled in the food enclave at ION’s basement level, run run sushi is a Japanese food kiosk that serves specialty sushi with premium Japanese ingredients. From the onset, we love how minimalist the store looks, yet there’s an element of fun to it with its colourful pastel palettes on the ceramic wall. It fits aptly with the name, and almost reminds us of a sushi game where players will have to race against the clock to slice, dice and roll the sushis for hungry customers!

At run run sushi, they follow a similar concept to a salad bar where the ingredients are all laid out on the counter for customers to pick and choose. But the great part about them as compared to salad bars is the satisfaction of enjoying your meal in a hand-wrapped sushi roll – to conveniently take on the go!

There’s a variety of ingredients on the menu, and you can customise them to make sushi handrolls, maki rolls, onigirazu, sushi rice bowls or salad bowls.

Take your pick from pre-customised maki rolls like Californian Way (Crabstick, Avocado, Jap Cucumber, Ebiko, Tamago, Furikake, Jap Mayo), Oh Crab (Soft Shell Crab, Ebiko, Jap Cucumber, Egg, Cherry Tomato, Bonito, Spicy Mayo), Lobster Roll (Lobster Salad, Mixed Cabbage, Cherry Tomato, Takuan, Edamame, Tempura Crunch, Spicy Mayo) and more. There’s also a vegetarian combination called Shroom Shroom – packed with mixed mushrooms, edamame, inariage, Japanese cucumbers, carrots, roasted sesame seeds and sesame sauce.

For the onigirazu, we tried the recommended Salmon n Avo – generously packed with cooked salmon, Avocado, Egg, Ebiko, Jap Cucumber, Bonito and teriyaki sauce. We also tried their Katsu Chicken stuffed with Chicken Katsu, Cheese, Mixed Cabbage, Jap Cucumber, Inariage, Garlic Flake, Teriyaki – making for a fulfilling and savoury meal.

While for our sushi bowls, we opted for their popular – Eel Nagi and made a customized one too! The customization option follows a choice of base, main (grilled chicken, chicken katsu, kani crabstick, ebi fry, soft shell crab and more), fillings (freshly prepared ingredients like cheddar cheese, carrots, avocado, tamago, corn, tomatoes and more), sauce (jap mayo, spicy mayo, teriyaki, sesame, wasbi mayo and more) and toppings (shredded nori, bonito flakes, sakura ebi, bacon bits and more).

Overall, run run sushi makes for a great spot in the city to grab a quick bite at lunch time and offers a quality and premium alternative to the usual sushi takeout joints.

run run sushi
Address: 2 Orchard Turn, #B4-71 ION Orchard, Singapore 238801
Opening hours: Daily, 10am – 10pm
Instagram: @runrunsushi

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