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5 Essential Items You Can Easily Get On Ezbuy For Your Guo Da Li (Betrothal ceremony)

For all soon-to-be married couples out there, if you’re sourcing for some of the necessary items required for your Guo Da Li ceremony, you can easily get most of it sorted on Ezbuy. From the Dragon & Phoenix Candles, Baby Prosperity Set (mug, bathtub, toothbrush, bath towels), couple slippers, to even your actual day tea set with teacups and pot – basically all your necessities can be easily found there. Of course, you’ll have to look through each listing carefully and consider the reviews, delivery charges and shipping time in advance!

A quick overview of the Betrothal Gift Exchange – the purpose is usually for the groom to show the bride’s family his financial stability and to reassure their future parents-in-law that the bride will be well taken care of after marriage. Normally, the bride’s parents will return a portion of the gifts to avoid the impression that they are selling away their daughter. Of course this is purely a customary practice and the items to be exchanged is completely up to your traditions, dialect group you’re in or agreement by the bride or groom. It is also usually conducted 2 weeks to 1 month before the actual day wedding ceremony, at a specific auspicious date and time. If you’re looking for an expert Feng Shui Master to help you choose an auspicious date, recommend engaging Master David Tong – read our review with him here.

Here’s a look back at what we got on Ezbuy for our Guo Da Li celebration and perhaps these might work for you as well!

1. Dragon & Phoenix Candles

A set of Dragon & Phoenix candles are included in the betrothal ceremony, which are to be brought over to the brides home on the day. One pair will be returned to the groom’s family and on the actual wedding day, both sides of the family will light up the candle to symbolize “龙凤呈祥,点旺香火”.

Dragon & Phoenix candles:

2. Auspicious Stickers

At just a few cents, these auspicious stickers is a must-have for your Guo Da Li ceremony. From decorating your home with large ‘Double Happiness’ stickers, to small stickers to paste on your betrothal gifts, these stickers are extremely handy and certainly elevates your celebration. There’s a ton of designs to choose from, so definitely go through each one to get you preferred look. The stickers are also easy to paste on and remove and you can choose from various sizes of up to 60cm.

Here are some of the auspicious stickers we got:


3. Resealable Plastic Packets

As part of the betrothal gifts, the groom will usually prepare six types of grains consisting of the following:
1. Red Dates
2. Red Beans
3. Green Beans
4. Dried Longans
5. Lotus Seeds (莲子)
6. Lily Bulbs (百合)

We were thinking what’s the best way we could present these grains that look presentable yet served the purpose as well. We came across these resealable plastic packets and really love how sleek it looked. It can fit quite a handful of the grains in there which made it easy to transport in the basket. We also packed the peanut candies (which signifies a sweet beginning in the marriage) in these plastic packets. Definitely recommend getting this and have fun packing it together with your significant other.

Resealable Plastic Packets:

4. Couple Bedroom Slippers

While the suggested item was a pair of wooden clogs, we decided to get these matching bathroom slippers. We figured that we probably won’t be wearing the clogs anytime soon, so why not get something useful at the same time for our new home! Quite a purposeful item to get, and there’s a variety of designs to choose from too.

Wedding Couple Slippers:

5. Baby Prosperity Set

The baby prosperity set is actually part of the dowry that is to be given to the couple by the bride’s family, to bless them and symbolize that the bride is mature enough and ready to take on the role of wife and mum.

Here are some of the items that we got:
– Baby’s bath tub – signify healthy offspring:
– Dowry set (including mug, comb, towel, toothbrush, towels, bedding, sewing kit):
– Umbrella:
– Fan:
– Teapot and teacup set with red tray:

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