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Keith and Xue Wei’s Home Renovation Journey

Building our little nest at #homeweithyou has always been an exciting journey since the day we first applied for a BTO. Since then, we’ve been discussing ideas, drafting mood boards, sourcing interior design companies and contractors, and of course, saving up money! Besides the hefty price tag of a BTO home in Singapore, we all know that renovations can be quite costly and time-consuming. Or worst still, a nightmare for some. We did our research quite a bit and met up with several interior designers, including conducting site visits, discussions and quotations.

Thankfully, we came across a pretty credible interior design firm to work with after all that researching – Elysian Design Studio Pte Ltd, formerly known as KC Carpenter. We were assigned to Carvin who was our main contact point for all renovation works. When we first enquired about their services, we thought they only provided carpentry or cabinetry works because of the name, but later found out that they also provided a full suite of renovation services. One of the main reasons we decided to go ahead with them was because they were quite responsive with our requests, had patience for our ton of questions (haha looking back at our WhatsApp group and realized we were such bothersome!), and were flexible to meet the tight budget we had. And of course, our main contact person Carvin stayed really near our place so we could always count on him if we needed help.

Prior to meeting Carvin and team, we had pre-planned a mood board of how we envisioned each part of our home to be – from the living room, to the main dining area, kitchen, bathroom and even our bedroom. We worked with Carvin specifically to advise us on the space planning, home design, 3D drawings, kitchen tabletop/cabinet selection and he was the main contact point to manage multiple contractors and work schedules. He also accompanied us to Hafary Gallery at Eunos and advised us on suitable tiles to get for our living room feature wall and kitchen tiles backdrop.

Besides handholding us throughout the entire renovation journey, Carvin was also readily available to help us when we needed help sourcing for other contacts, including aircon, electrician and even painting needs (but we eventually painstakingly painted the entire house ourselves, haha!). I can still remember when we called Carvin and asked him for advice on what voltage or type of lighting we should get and he was immediately able to give his recommendations based on the suitability of our home.

The entire renovation duration took roughly about 6-8 weeks, but we took a short break in August during the hungry ghost festival (as we did not want to do any renovation works during that time for auspicious and ‘pantang’ reasons). So we officially started in end July for about 2 weeks, before resuming work again in late August and completed by mid-September. Our home has since been completed and we’ve just moved in about 3 months ago after curating all our furniture and household essentials! While the entire renovation journey felt like an arduous task to start at the beginning, one thing for sure was how we felt about it – excited and anxious, yet a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Perhaps we’ll let the pictures do the talking next!

3D render of our kitchen area before starting work

After hacking down part of our wall as we wanted a semi-open kitchen concept. The team handled and applied the necessary permits required with HDB to start work, including hacking of our walls and also put up notices at our lift landing to alert neighbours of renovation works in progress.

Our place halfway through! They covered our flooring to prevent any scratches on our tiles.

I remembered sharing a sketch with Carvin of how we envisioned the cove-style lighting to be, and due to my very limited knowledge, it wouldn’t have turned out nice. We were really appreciative when Carvin advised another design idea which achieved the overall aesthetic look and functional aspect of our home!

Our electrician came to lay out all the electrical wiring for or light points and the contractor built up the false ceiling to conceal it. Overall workmanship was good. Carvin also gave us the option to do a box-up to conceal the aircon piping but we decided not to go ahead as we felt it wasn’t necessary.

Besides regular communication with your ID, we also recommend creating a WhatsApp group chat with your main contact person so that updates of the renovation can be communicated regularly. The team sent us updates of the renovation progress and shared a checklist of items that were completed, pending, and upcoming activities. We were so excited to see that they had begun tiling works for our living room and kitchen!

We didn’t really like our original HDB tiles for our kitchen walls, so instead of hacking it down which would be costly, instead we covered it with our subway tiles that we chose from Hafary!

Kitchen cabinet and fixtures going up!

Our aircon going up!

Let there be light! Our dining light is finally up and we’re so happy with it! We got all our lighting supplies from ThreeCubes, check out our full review here.

All done, just cleaning left to do!

Our bathroom accessories installed – we got our accessories and essential items from Econflo Systems, check out the main items we got here.

After cleaning! Yay, everything turned out as expected! We added a full-length mirror at our DB box area.

Final look of our living room after renovation!

Three Cubes Lighting_Cove Lighting (2)After painting! So happy with how our cove lighting and feature wall turned out!

Three Cubes Lighting_DownlightsAnother angle, towards our kitchen area.

Three Cubes Lighting_Tri-colour Kitchen (2)We wanted a very clean and minimalistic design for our kitchen, so we had white cabinets on oakwood-style tabletops.

And here’s us, settled in after several months of getting all our furniture and household items sorted. We opted for Venetian blinds instead of the usual curtains and we love how it fits into the theme of our home so much! We got the blinds from Alto Fabric, review coming up soon!

Our #homeweithyou completed!

Overall, working with Elysian Design Studio Pte Ltd, Carvin and his team was a relatively smooth journey. There weren’t really any major hiccups or issues faced and we’re thankful to see our dream home completed after planning for so long. If you’re looking for an ID firm for your renovation, definitely recommend checking them out.

Elysian Design Studio Pte Ltd
Address: 47 Kallang Pudding Rd, Crescent @ Kallang #08-08 Singapore 349318
Contact: +65 8780 3229
Office: 6442 0511
Email: enquiry@elysiandesign.com.sg
Website: https://elysiandesign.com.sg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elysiandesignsg/

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