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My Eyebrow Embroidery Experience With Browtisan

I’ve always wanted to do eyebrow embroidery, having heard many positive reviews but never really explored it because truthfully, I was scared about the procedure. I spent many months researching about the procedure and looking at various places before finally deciding to go ahead with the folks at Browtisan! If you’re thinking of doing eyebrow embroidery and still on the fence about the experience, read on to find out more!

Browtisan_Store front

For those who have not heard of eyebrow embroidery, it’s a semi-permanent process that involves using a microblade to weave pigments into the outer layer of the skin to give your eyebrows a fuller and more defined look. It’s a purely aesthetic cosmetic procedure that’s done with precision. Besides the pros and convenience of not having to draw my eyebrows in to fill in my sparse brows anymore, there were many other concerns I had in mind.

  • Was the treatment safe?
  • Is the procedure painful?
  • Who will be doing the treatment?
  • How long will the eyebrow embroidery last?
  • Will it be more convenient or something I will regret, in a long-run?

My biggest concern of all was the person who will be doing the treatment. It is always best to go to a reputable centre – and who else better than Coco, Browtisan’s Chief Creative Officer to do it for me! Coco has over 20 years of experience in the brow and grooming industry and developed her skills and techniques from her early years as a make-up artist, perfecting her stroke-by-stroke dexterity in eyebrow embroidery. I was confident that I’ll be in good hands! 🙂

Eyebrow Embroidery Process:

Browtisan_Eyebrow shaping

During the consultation, it’s very important to raise any doubts you have before proceeding. I was well taken care of by Coco and she made me feel at ease especially since I was very fearful of the procedure, having heard stories of how the cutting feels as though it’s like cutting sashimi! She reassured me and shared that it was a painless and fast procedure!

Browtisan_Procedure (1)Application of numbing cream and waiting for it to take effect!

First of, a layer of numbing cream was applied around the area of my eyebrows. After setting it for approximately 15+ minutes, Coco started to shape the areas around my eyebrows and artfully crafted a natural brow shape for my face. As each individual’s face and shape is different, she advised a gentler arch for mine which will appear much natural-looking to suit my features. She also made adjustments on the thickness, length and angle – which can all be discussed during the session. During this time, she also explained about the procedure in detail and addressed some of the concerns I had.

Browtisan_Procedure (3)Shaping my brows

After being satisfied with the overall brow shape, she proceeded on the embroidery process. She started doing the embroidery process with a mini slicer (or knife) with three sharp and thin needles at the bottom – which is essentially cutting small pieces of the top layer of the skin (epidermis), and applying the chosen brow colour. There was not much initial pain, just minor tugging at the skin. If your pain threshold is low, recommend requesting for more numbing cream.

Browtisan_Procedure (2)Embroidery process!


Browtisan_Procedure (4)Post-embroidery! Satisfied with how it turned out!

The entire process including the initial application of the numbing cream took roughly about 1 hour 30 minutes.


After the procedure, the beauticians at Browtisan shared the proper cleaning and aftercare technique. It is very important that you do not let any water come into contact with your eyebrows for the initial phase (about 1 week), as it may cause the colour to fade. I was also provided with a eyebrow plastic wrap to cover my brows while showering. For those who have sensitive skin, you can use a towel to gently wash your face. Also, recommend to avoid direct sunlight or applying too much cream on the area which may cause the colour to look overly faded.

Browtisan_1 Week after embroidery1 week after eyebrow embroidery

Here’s how it looks like at the initial phase! It will look super dark at the beginning but will gradually fade off. After a few days/weeks, small scabs will start to form where the skin was cut. It may get quite itchy since it’s part of the healing process, but remember never to scratch or rub the scabs off as it may cause an infection. The ink will fade off slightly and you’ll have probably have to go for touch-up sessions for optimum results.

3 weeks after eyebrow embroidery

Browtisan_After 2nd touch upAfter 2nd touch up, so pleased with it!


1. Do your research – ask for family/friends recommendations and check out past reviews/testimonials. This will help you gauge the brand’s standards in terms of the service and equipment used.
2. Make your decision based on the beautician’s or expert’s skills/background
3. Health considerations – Before proceeding, always consult the expert and inform of any existing health conditions so that they can provide the best advice for the treatment.

Browtisan_CocoThanks Coco and team Browtisan!

402 Orchard Road #03-15/17,
Delfi Orchard Singapore 238876
68 Orchard Road #06-14
Plaza Singapura Singapore 238839
Contact: +65 6235 2355 (Delfi) / 6909 1688 (Plaza Singapura)
Instagram: @browtisan

With lots of love,
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