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4 Essential Bath And Kitchen Fittings From Econflo Systems For New Home Owners

Designing our entire home from scratch has been a really fun project, though at times it may be quite challenging with so many decisions to make. In our quest to build the perfect nest and getting our home renovations completed, one of the most mundane of necessities is on the sanitary ware and fittings. From the bathroom needs to a properly maintained sink in the kitchen, there are so many options for new home owners like us.

Econflo Systems_Showroom

We visited a number of places and came across Econflo Systems, a distributor and retailer of well-known brands of sanitary ware and fittings. Located at the Commonwealth area, we were quite impressed with the spacious location and the arrangement of products and brands neatly displayed. Besides the beautiful showroom space, the team and staff who attended to us were genuine in providing their recommendations and expertise to guide us in making an informed choice.

If you’re considering to get some new bath and kitchen accessories or just wanting to refresh your existing one, Econflo Systems offer a wide selection that will meet your needs and expectations. And if you’re wondering which items to invest in, perhaps this review of our 4 favourite loots from Econflo Systems might help!

1. Hansgrohe Focus Kitchen Mixer

Econflo Systems_Carysil Big Bowl

One of the most essential items in the kitchen is of course the kitchen mixer faucet, and we absolutely love this Hansgrohe Focus kitchen mixer from Econflo Systems. For the longest time, we’ve been wanting to get a kitchen mixer with a pull-out spray and we’re so happy it matches our theme so perfectly. Function-wise, it makes completing chores in the kitchen much easier because of the many benefits like reaching hard to reach places or hosing down vegetables to wash off any dirt or contaminant. We’ve used it a couple of times so far and have observed how much it has expanded our capabilities it the kitchen and simplify many of our kitchen tasks.

Econflo Systems_Hansgrohe Mixers (2)

If you’re a Hansgrohe fan like us, we recommend checking out the showroom as they carry most of the updated fittings with different designs and water-saving solutions for your needs. Other brands of bathroom fittings include showers, taps, thermostatic mixers, accessories and waste systems. Whether you’re looking for timeless premium designs or the latest technology for comfort and functionality, they have it all here. We love the Hansgrohe design so much that we’re already thinking of revamping all our bathroom fittings from here!

2. Carysil Big Bowl (Snova- Granite White)

Econflo Systems_Carysil Big Bowl (2)

Econflo Systems carry other well-known European brands which are highly sought after by designers and end-users alike. One of which is the Carysil big bowl, a German-engineered sink which is not only stylish but durable as well. The Carysil big bowl is an undermount sink with quite a deep depth with a size of 610mm x 457mm. One of the deciding factors for ultimately choosing a granite sink is due to its non-porous nature and highly durable condition, resistance to chips, scratches, stains and heat. Plus, it comes in a wide variety of sizes, colours and styles to suit your kitchen theme. The only draw back about getting a granite sink is the daily maintenance you’ll have to upkeep as harsh chemicals can damage the sink or corrode the surface. It’s a must-buy item if you’re looking for an alternative to the stainless steel sinks.

3. Inspirione Rectania Range

Econflo Systems_Inspirione Rectania Towel shelf with hanger

Designed to fit in seamlessly with the layout and style of our bathroom, the Inspirione Rectania range fits snugly and securely against the wall for our common and master bathrooms. We didn’t do much renovation work in our bath areas but only installed a half-shower screen as a divider and to prevent water from reaching our vanity cabinet area. So having these bathroom accessories did provide a cleaner and sleeker look.

Econflo Systems_Inspirione Rectania Towel shelf with hanger (2)

The range of stainless steel shelving we picked out include a Single Towel Rail, Towel Shelf with Hanger and a Paper Holder in Chrome. Being one of the most durable item thanks to its natural corrosion-resistance and versatile shelving available, we feel that a stainless steel rack triumphs over other options due to its ability to withstand rough and heavy-use applications both in wet or dry environments.

Econflo Systems_Showroom (5)

In terms of functionality, the towel shelf with hanger is perfect for any bathroom as they create an uncluttered look with their less bulky frame. Other options or material include practical and sturdy polypropylene, in single or double shelves, or three-layer triangular corner shelves to help you make the most of your bathroom wall space. There are also solutions that cater to the needs of the handicap and elderly should you be looking for a suitable option.

4. SCHELL Hand Shower Bidet Spray Set

Econflo Systems_Showroom (2)

There’s no denying that a handheld bidet sprayer is necessary in any bathroom for its simplicity, smart and easy way to clean. It just makes more sense since it is far more hygienic and efficient than just toilet paper alone. The SCHELL hand shower bidet spray we got has a good level of control and the sprayer can be intensified from just adjusting the knob at the water line. Besides personal uses, the sprayer is long enough for us to clean in and around the toilet easily too. Other important considerations before purchasing a handheld bidet sprayer is of course the length of the hose and the pressure required to press the lever – as these 2 areas are typically problematic with leakage if it’s not taken care of properly.

Econflo Systems_Schell paper holder and Insprione Rectania hand bidet spray

Overall Experience

Overall, our visit to Econflo Systems was great as we managed to get a suitable range of bath and kitchen necessities. Besides the friendly and knowledgeable staff, we personally like how spacious and uncluttered the showroom is especially for new home owners like us who may be overwhelmed with so many items displayed. Of course, do also remember to come prepared with the exact measurements of your home or your BTO floorplan which will greatly help with your space planning. Check out their other showroom locations here.

Econflo Systems Pte Ltd
Address: 401 Commonwealth Drive, #01-01 Lobby B Haw Par Technocentre Singapore 149598
Contact: +65 6396 3738
Email: sales@econflo.com
Website: http://www.econflo.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EconfloSystems/

PREMIUM OUTLET (A wholly owned subsidiary of Econflo Systems)
Address: 34 Boon Leat Terrace #03-02 Singapore 119866
Contact: +65 6266 5562
Email: premiumoutlet@econflo.com

BRAVAT SINGAPORE PTE LTD (A wholly owned subsidiary of Econflo Systems)
Address: 33 Ubi Avenue 3, #01-06 VERTEX Singapore 408868
Contact: +65 6659 1868
Email: sales@bravat.com.sg

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