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5 Reasons To Get Your Lighting Supplies From ThreeCubes For Your Dream Home

When it comes to renovation, one of the more exciting aspects is definitely shopping for our interior lighting. While it adds to the interior décor and overall theme of your home, it’s also a functional piece of item that is required to create unwanted dark spaces. From considering the appropriate fixtures, to choosing the types of colour temperature or being strategic to the placement of lights, there are many things to consider for first-timers like us.

Before deciding on our lighting choices, we did our research and visited many lighting showrooms at Jalan Besar, Balestier, Geylang area – those typical row of shophouses where all the lighting companies cluster at. We also thought of getting our lights online or even from Malaysia but decided against it because of potential warranty or faulty issues. Thankfully, we came across a humble shop located at the Siglap Centre area – ThreeCubesand sorted all our lights there. If you’re still looking for a one-stop place to get all your lighting solutions, recommend checking out ThreeCubes or read on further to find out why.

1. Service & After-sales Support

When it comes to picking out the best things for yourself or your home, besides the actual product and cost consideration, service is one of our top priorities. If service, reliability and after-sales support is something you value in your renovation process, then ThreeCubes is your go to store.

Three Cubes Lighting_Cove lighting (Living Room)

We first met with Clarence, the boss of ThreeCubes, while we were still searching for places to get our lights. He was very friendly and patient despite our ton of questions. As first-timers, you can be assured of your purchases with Clarence’s help mainly because the atmosphere was very different from visiting other light stores in Singapore. Over at ThreeCubes, he was able to explain in detail about the available lighting fixtures and was genuinely concerned without being overly hardsell. Another reason we decided on ThreeCubes was the advice he shared. As we only engaged a contractor and not an interior designer for our renovation, we had to manage all the lighting for the different areas in our home including living, bedroom, bathrooms, service yard and kitchen area. And Clarence was able to recommend suitable ones in terms of voltage, size and suitability. We actually brought our floorplan to show him and was quite happy that he could point out the appropriate areas to install the lighting, just in case we missed anything out.

2. Tri-colour Light Solutions

Though there are many other shops selling tri-colour lights, we particularly like the ones from ThreeCubes because of the fit to our overall theme. Clarence recommended the rectangular-shape lighting as compared to the more traditional round ones as we only had one lighting source in the kitchen – which would mean a brighter space. We initially wanted the typical round ones but thankfully went ahead with his suggestion. There’s three typical tri-light temperatures of warm light, cool white and day light available. We recommend opting for the tri-colour light option especially for main areas like your kitchen and dining area.

Three Cubes Lighting_Tri-colour Kitchen (2)

Three Cubes Lighting_Tri-colour Kitchen (1)

3. Unique Quality Selections

At ThreeCubes, they have a wide range of light selections. Whether you’re looking for a minimalistic, elegant design, or modern pieces, it’s a one-stop place to get all your lighting needs. Besides representing some of the leading brands in the market like AZ ELITE, LANIBER, MEGAMAN, PHILIPS, PLUMEN & SG FiLUX, they also carry their in house range of light fittings, luminaires and lamps.

Three Cubes Lighting_Hanging Lamp

One of our favourite is definitely our hanging light dining table. We actually saw a similar one online which even though was much cheaper, we felt it was necessary to invest in something we were comfortable with. Generally across the board, the dangers of sourcing from online or getting it at a really cheap price could potentially mean the quality is not as good, electricity consumption could be high and may only just last for a few months.

4. Online E-commerce Site

With shopping getting much easier to access nowadays, an online e-commerce store is surely a necessity. It’s great that you can browse and shop for your products with all the prices listed transparently on ThreeCubes’ e-commerce site. From recessed lightings, track lights, pendant lamps, cove lights and even lifestyle art pieces, take your pick from over hundreds of options.

Three Cubes Lighting_Downlights

Another one of our favourites is the Megaman LED Downlights for our corridor walkway. The slim, low profile and light weight downlights are suitable to fix and easy to replace (with its soft spring clips), plus it is also safety guaranteed (no void to your fire insurance). They’re currently having an online exclusive promotion for the LED downlights with free shipping (local) for a limited time only – check it out here.

5. Eco-friendly Products

Three Cubes Lighting_Cove Lighting (2)

Eco-conscious individuals, look no further. The great thing about getting your lighting supplies from ThreeCubes is their dedication to eco-friendly products. Only natural, recyclable and sustainable materials are used for their range of table and floor lamps – which is great if you’re concerned with using lights beyond just the basic function of illumination.

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