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5 Reasons To Get The New Ariston Andris Slim 30 (SL30) Storage Heater For Your New Home

Renovating our home has been a fun, yet arduous process. From space planning, to selecting the ideal tiles, and to every other minuscule detail which may not seem like a big thing at first, but actually makes a lot of difference. One of the major decisions was the debate on storage or instant water heater. As an instant water heater user for the most part of our lives, we didn’t really think about other alternatives and usually just go with the flow of what our parents had already decided for the household. Now that we have a place to call our own, we decided why not try something new and get a storage heater instead?

There are several brands out there offering similar choices – so of course we did our research and read many pages of reviews with lots of mixed reactions. After comparing some numbers including the estimated electricity bills consumption, holding capacity and optimal space that will be suitable for our home, we finally decided on the Ariston Andris Slim 30. For those who are on the fence between a storage or instant water heater, here’s our 5 reasons why we finally decided to go ahead with the Ariston Slim 30 (SL30).

1. Cleaner and more hygienic water (Ag+ silver ions)

Ariston Heater (1)

Soaking in a warm bath after a hard day’s work can soothe a tired mind – better yet, what if the water was much more cleaner than the regular tanks and pipes? More than just to keep our body clean, the Ariston SL30 comes with Ag+ technology to inhibit bacteria proliferation in its water tanks. What this really means is that the water you’ll be bathing in will be much more cleaner and hygienic.

The Ariston SL30 is fitted with an Ag+ cartridge technology, which comes with an added anti-bacterial feature to actively stop the proliferation of E-Coli, Salmonella, Legionella, Mold, Fungi and more. Within this set-up, there are silver spheres placed inside the tank at the level of the water inlet pipe, allowing the water contained in the tank to receive bacteriostatic effect by coming in contact with Ag+ spheres. The SL30 is also the first storage water heater in Singapore that comes with Ag+ Silver Ions – so if you’re looking for a heater fitted with the latest technology, this is it.

2. Optimal design space

Truth be told, the bathrooms of the new BTOs including ours have drastically shrinked in sized the last couple of years. While there’s little we can do to change things, a solution is to source for a heater that can fit well into the untapped areas in your bathroom.

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The great thing about the SL30 is that it fits perfectly on the beam above the door, which would otherwise go unused. It’s a smart design thought out by the team at Ariston to match heaters into these tight spaces, and almost feels our heater was personally customised. Our initial concern was whether the storage heater would be hanging off the beam since it’s in a much bigger capacity (30 litres instead of 20 litres). But thankfully it’s just nice and would fit well across most HDBs and condominium.

3. Sleeker Design

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Adding to the smart space planning, the SL30 looks super sleek. Italian-designed to suit any theme, you no longer have to deal with unsightly water heaters sticking out with it’s mismatched colours or oblong shapes.

4.Bigger Capacity, Cost-effective

Ariston Heater

If you’re thinking on a long-term basis, the SL30 with it’s much bigger capacity is much more cost-effective than an instant water heater. Don’t get us wrong, there are many instant water heaters that are more energy efficient since they only provide heated water when needed. However if you have a bigger family taking showers at different times in the day, the storage heater may be more effective since it’s already heated up and ready to go. The water also stays warm in the tank for a long period of time, so you don’t have to on the heater again if it’s within a few hours.

5. Safety and durability

Ariston has been in the market for over 80 years and is one of the more reputable brands. It’s a brand originating from Italy with energy efficiency and high quality water at the top of its core business. For those who are concerned with the storage heater being too heavy or leaking water, it’s safely secured on the back and has an added durability through the use of a copper-heating element. The tank is made with super-ecologic insulation materials and energy can be better conserved through its improved titanium-enamel tank.

Overall, we feel that the SL30 is a worthy investment and meets the needs of our household – from it’s visual appeal to the storage needs and of course the more hygienic water. Check out the Ariston SL30 here, or purchase it from authorized dealers in Singapore here. PLUS, don’t miss out on Ariston’s year-end promotion where all customers will receive a free Ariston limited edition premium gift worth up to $39.90 with every purchase of Ariston water heaters, from now to 31 December 2018.

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