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Experience Peranakan Cuisine For Your Next Event with Chilli Manis Catering

It’s not often we get to enjoy Peranakan cuisine in the comforts of your own home, with many of the time-honoured recipes and classics contained within the Katong enclave. So when we found out there’s a newly launched Peranakan buffet catering, a new addition to Neo Group’s growing portfolio – Chilli Manis, we were pretty excited!

Translated to Sweet Chilli, the name Chilli Manis is pretty apt for the food options offered, with Peranakan cuisine influenced by Chinese, Malay and Indonesian fare. At Chilli Manis, you can choose from a variety of buffet catering options for all types of events like the Authentic Peranakan Buffet with full setup, or their Regular Buffet menu where you can choose your preferred cuisine choice of Asian, Contemporary, Peranakan or Fusion selections. They also have a Mini Buffet for smaller parties and Executive Bento sets for a fuss free catering option.

We recently tried their Peranakan Mini Party Set,  consisting of 5 dishes which will be available from 1st November 2018 onwards. With a spread full of flavourful and authentic Peranakan dishes, here’s a close up of what you’ll be enjoying.

1) Buah Keluak Fried Rice

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It’s been ages since we had Buah Keluak, and it’s really refreshing to see how they’ve infused the Buah Keluak flavour into the conventional fried rice. Chilli Manis’ lends a touch of robust flavours to an otherwise run-of-the-mill dish, creating an intensely fragrant and rich carb staple.

2) Curry Assam Fish

We’ve been craving assam curry fish for awhile, and thankfully Chilli Manis’ rendition really did hit the spot. Slightly tangy, spicy and a thick curry broth with generous amounts of vegetables and fish slices. Very addictive on its own and one of our favourite dishes from the list. It’s also contained in a microwavable container which is  really well-thought out since other catering options would typically use the normal plastic containers where the excess oil will usually seep out.

3) Nonya Chap Chye with Mushroom

A traditional mixed vegetable stew recipe which comes in many variations, the Nonya Chap Chye with Mushroom feels really close to home. There’s all these textures and flavours from the ingredients added like the cabbage, carrots, black fungus, rice vermicelli, beancurd skin, mushrooms and other types of vegetables blended into one. A simple yet must-have dish on the table.

4) Ayam Panggang (Sweet & Spicy Roasted Chicken)

From the onset, the presentation of this dish looks simple yet extremely tantalising just from it’s strong char-grilled aroma alone. The portion size was quite generous and the chicken parts used for this dish were all really tender pieces. Flavour-wise, it’s one of our favourites and retains the sweet and spicy flavours.

5) Pulut Hitam with Coconut Milk

If you like your sweet-sticky dessert, you’ll surely enjoy the Pulut Hitam for its highly aromatic and pleasantly chewy texture. There’s a lot of nostalgia in this dish, and you can enjoy it with a serving of coconut milk drizzled on top. Be sure to include this specialty dessert for a sweet finale to the well-rounded Peranakan meal.

Overall, the mini buffet is a great option for smaller parties since there’s no set-up required. Whether it’s for birthday parties, baby showers, corporate luncheons or even wedding receptions, Chilli Manis has the perfect package designed for your next event. The Peranakan Mini Party Set is available at $139 excluding delivery charges. Order online at

Chilli Manis Catering
Address: 1 Enterprise Road Singapore 629813 (Map)
Contact: +65 6250 1112

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