3 Things To Do When Choosing Your Auspicious Wedding Date

When it comes to planning a wedding in Singapore, one of the most important step is setting the date. For many Chinese weddings, we often select an ‘auspicious’ wedding date usually provided by a Feng Shui Master, together with the auspicious timing to fetch the bride, the guo da li period, and many other traditional customs. If you’re somewhat superstitious like us and prefer to follow the customs in preparation for your own wedding, then continue to read on.

1. Consult a Feng Shui Master

Starting with the most obvious – consulting a Feng Shui Master.

When we started planning our wedding, we didn’t want to just select a date randomly. Though some couples prefer choosing a date because of a special meaning, but for us, we are quite superstitious and decided to consult a Feng Shui Master. After doing our research (both online and offline), we came across Master David Tong, the Founder and Principal Consultant of Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting – CMG Consulting.

Our decision to go with Master David Tong is simply for his approach to selecting the auspicious date. Personally, we feel that his approach is very comprehensive as besides the Tong Shu date, he also takes into consideration our Bazi Destiny Chart to ensure the date does not clash with both our Bazi and our parents. On top of that, the date is further personalised to ensure that it is beneficial for both of us according to our Bazi chart. This is rather important because unlike several apps/online websites which provide a free analysis, some may turn out to be a bad date due to the clashing of signs.

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2. Discuss internally and have in mind a time period you’d like to hold your wedding

It may sound like a fairly simple step but often overlooked. The time period usually takes into consideration events/festivals/celebrations all year-round and fixing in a time that doesn’t clash with those dates. Both of you should also have an idea of when you would like to have the wedding – on weekdays, weekends and during which months. For us, we initially wanted to have our wedding towards the end of the year but due to the short time frame, clashing of zodiacs and availability of venues, we decided to do a re-selection of wedding dates – at no additional cost (provided that it is within 1 year from the appointment made).

Besides your preferred period of dates to get married on, some of the information you should have on hand include:

  • Both the couple’s full name
  • Birthday of both bride and groom
  • Time of birth for both bride and groom
  • Parents animal zodiac signs
  • Both couples’ dialect group

Which comes to our next point.

3. Plan ahead, way in advance (at least 1 year)

The great thing about planning early is that it helps you prepare mentally for any sudden changes or issues. This is quite a crucial point to take note, speaking from our personal experience where we had to re-select our wedding dates.

In our first meeting with Master David, we received a professionally produced report listing all the auspicious dates and timings we could use, their trademark ranking system and other important information. It was quite comprehensive as it also details the key activities to be carried out, the conflicting animal zodiac of the day, and the auspicious timings for both our ROM and Customary Wedding – including the fetch the bride timing. The great thing about engaging Master David Tong was his clear instructions from our very first email encounter and throughout our correspondence. Everything was done via email, until our first meet up when he presented the auspicious dates to us.

We also received a “Chinese Wedding Customs & Traditions” guide detailing all the various processes, customs and traditions for your customary wedding:

  • Betrothal gift exchange (Guo Da Li)
  • Dowry
  • Setting the bridal bed (An Chuang)
  • Fetch the bride procedures
  • Tea ceremony
  • Going back to bride’s home
  • Hair combing ceremony
  • Other taboos

Overall, though our interaction with Master David was quite brief, it felt genuine. He has helped thousands of couples select their auspicious dates and above all, he understands the younger generation couples like us when it comes to wedding preparation. If you’re looking for a fuss-free and comprehensive guide that is also worth the money and time, recommend working with Master David Tong of CMG Consulting.

With lots of love,
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