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Singapore BTO Door Opening Ceremony

So you’ve received your keys to your new home, what’s next? Door opening ceremony of course! There are quite a few door opening ceremonies available online, and this is our very own version! The below is the Chinese procedure that you may want to consider doing when opening your door for the first time. There are slight variations so feel free to follow your own traditions.

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Here’s our full BTO open door ceremony video highlights, you can follow along if it’s helpful 🙂


1. Preparation

Here’s what we brought and packed, we’ve segregated into the various procedures for easier reference.

To sprinkle and roll all over the house:
– 1 pineapple
– 1 small packet of uncooked rice (we transferred ours to a small plastic bag for convenience)
– 1 packet of salt
– 1 box of Tea leaves (Tie Kuan Ying)
(We premix the salt and tea leaves in a plastic bag)
– 1 packet of green beans

To place at the 4 corners of the house:
– 4 red packets with 8 one dollar coins in each red packet (4 corners in the house)

To place at the centre of the living room:
– 5 red apples
– 5 Oranges
– 5 Pomegranates
– 1 bunch of bananas
– 1 bunch of purple or reddish grapes
– 1 container with cotton wool (For the planting of green beans)
– 1 packet of green beans
– Newspaper/plate/basket to lay the fruits

2. Select an auspicious date to enter your new home

Selecting an auspicious date to enter your new home was quite an important decision for us, so we took some recommendations from Master David Tong of CMG Consulting! He provided several auspicious open door dates and Chinese customs procedures to follow, which was very detailed and helpful! He also provides other services like choosing your auspicious wedding date, you can check out our experience here: 3 Things To Do When Choosing Your Auspicious Wedding Date

Note: We personally feel that it is better to do the open door ceremony yourselves (as the owners of the home), rather than including any immediate family members or outsiders. But if you have to, do take note of their zodiac sign and ensure it does not clash with yours.

3. Knock on the door during the auspicious time

Don’t forget to knock! 🙂

4. Roll Pineapple

We tied our pineapple with a red ribbon and sprinkled some water before rolling the pineapple. Before stepping into the house, roll in the pineapple with both hands and shout “HUAT AH!” Ideally you should use quite alot of strength and try to roll the pineapple from the main door to the middle of the living room. The rolling of the pineapple is to symbolise the ushering in of wealth and prosperity.

We read online that we shouldn’t consume the pineapple after the ceremony, to symbolise the continuation of prosperity. We left ours near a random tree at the park.

5. Say Auspicious greetings out loud

We both stepped in with our right foot first and said several auspicious greetings out loud. We rolled the pineapple around the house and shouted auspicious greetings every time we entered a new room (including the bathrooms and service yard area too!)

We got these list of auspicious phrases from Big Tree And Koala.

  • 开门大吉
  • 甜甜蜜蜜
  • 幸福美满
  • 身体健康
  • 永远快乐
  • 平安发财

 6. Open all the windows for the smooth flow of air and energy

Be sure to open all windows and keep your front door open to let a smooth flow of energy and fresh air into your home. Recommend bringing a door stopper to keep your main door from closing.

7. Continue the rest of the ritual

Sprinkle the various mixtures in the following steps:

– Mix the tea leaves and salt, and sprinkle on all corners of the house (salt and tea leaves believed to get rid of spirits, ghosts and negative energy). After throwing at the corners of the house, keep the last bit to throw out of your house, to symbolise getting rid of the negative and Yin energy out of your house.

– Sprinkle rice all over the house (represent the abundance of food in the future)

– Sprinkle green beans at the living room area to symbolise lots of offspring. Grow the remaining green beans in a container and clear it only after it has sprouted.

8. Place the fruits at the centre of living room

We brought a basket to contain the fruits. Here are the items we prepared:

– 5 Apples (symbolizes safety)
– 5 Oranges (symbolizes prosperity)
– 5 Pomegranates (symbolizes opportunities)
– One bunch of Grapes
– One bunch of Bananas

We also placed a red packet (containing 8 $1 coins) and the container of green beans together with the basket of fruits.

9. Last step: Go to the 4 corners of your home and place red packets and 2 oranges

We placed 4 red packets with 2 oranges at the 4 corners of our home. In each red packet, we prepared 8 $1 coins. After we cleared all the items, we used the coins to buy sweets, ice cream or any sweet items. This symbolises the everlasting sweetness in your relationship and home.

**Other Points to Note

– You may clear/sweep the items in the house after 3 days.
– Don’t throw your pineapple away, and leave it under a tree or at a grassy area.
– Don’t clear your green beans until it has sprouted.
– Use the $1 coins to buy sweet drinks or food to give to your family and friends.
– After you have conducted your open door ceremony for the first time, you can go in with anyone and at any time after that day.

So that’s it! Have a great and smooth opening door day, huat ah!

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With lots of love,
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