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GUIDE: Finding the Hanoi Train Street

While planning our itinerary to Hanoi, we came across a really unique street unlike any other, the Hanoi Train Street.

Hanoi Train Street_Tracks (4)

What is Hanoi Train Street?

The Hanoi Train Street – which many has referred/termed, is a street with steel tracks lined up all through a neighbourhood. Not just the tracks, but a train passes through twice a day! Many people have come here in search of this urban occurrence, but for the locals living here, this is just part and parcel of their lives.

Hanoi Train Street

At certain times of the day, you’ll witness the locals casually walking away from the tracks and into their homes while visitors alike start to panic and stand pressed back on the side of the walls. Then you hear the rumbling sound, the ground shaking, and an imminent sense of excitement seeping through. Out of the clear, a train with a red face zooms by.

Catching the Hanoi Train

Catching the Hanoi Train 3

Catching the Hanoi Train 2

Then, like water spilling from a tap – doors are open, kids run out to play and life goes on as usual. It’s truly a wonderment to see how the locals here have adjusted their lives around this strange occurrence and have built a harmonious relationship. I for one won’t be able to adjust to the dangers and noise surrounding this memorable street in Hanoi. One of the best showcases you have to pin up on your itinerary.

Hanoi Train Street_Tracks (3)

Where to find Hanoi Train Street?

There are actually several spots to see the Hanoi Train Street and take really nice pictures. For us, the best place to view the Hanoi Train Street is on the street located between Lê Duẩn and Khâm Thin street. I recommend taking an Uber or Grab or show your driver the exact pin on a map. See the attached map below for the exact spot (marked as a red star) to show to your driver.

Hanoi Train Street_Directions

Hanoi Train Street (3)

From what we’ve heard, the train zooms by twice a day at around 3pm and another at around 7pm. It differs from day to day, for us we happen to reach at around 2.30pm on a Sunday and we managed to catch the train zooming by! 

Word of caution (Safety reminder)

We visited the Hanoi Train Street on a Sunday afternoon and thankfully, there weren’t any tourists there with us, except maybe 1 other solo traveller. There is enough space on the sides for pedestrians and motorbikes to make their way through. We set up our tripod and cameras at the very middle of the tracks to get the best shots, but just be careful and make to observe your surroundings and prepare to get off the tracks as fast as possible. There are no warning sounds, just a quick rumble and then the train zooms by. This is a real train going about its daily commute and won’t stop for anything in their way.

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Hanoi Train Street
Address: Between the crossroads of Le Duan and Kham Tien

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