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17 Bakeries To Get Your Goodies This CNY 2018! [PLUS GIVEAWAY]

It’s almost that time of the year, when Chinese New Year decorations come to life, a time for expressing good wishes and hopes, and of course the CNY songs in the background suited to the festival! Besides your reunion dinner plans, don’t forget to stock up on your CNY goodies! With many bakeries and restaurants already rolling out their treats at CNY fairs across Singapore, here are our list of 17 great bakeries, including home bakers, to get your CNY snacks from. Read till the end for a little CNY giveaway!!

1. Ah Mah Homemade Cake

Ah Mah Homemade Cake has launched a brand new flavour for CNY, the Bah-Whooo Chicken Floss Cake! Available across all outlets for a limited time period only (now to 28 February 2018), this brand-new flavour features a generous amount of chicken floss, homemade mayonnaise sauce and roasted white sesame seeds. With chicken floss as a symbol of gold, this will be an auspicious gift for friends, colleagues and loved ones!

Ah Mah Homemade Cake
Address: Multiple locations
Facebook: @iloveahmahsg
Instagram: @iluvahmahsg
Contact Number:  +65 6325 4508 / +65 8133 8508

2. Bakerzin

This CNY, Bakerzin introduces their Spring Grandeur 2018 Collection. A classic mainstay for every household, Bakerzin showcases four flavours of pineapple tarts like XO, Chrysanthemum, Hae Bee Hiam, and original. Besides the pineapple tarts, look out for their Good Luck Cookies ($23.80 / Box 8 flavours / 8 packs), featuring 8 flavours in a box including some pretty bold flavours like the Cereal Salted Egg, Thai Milk Tea, Long Jing Tea and Charcoal Black Sesame.

Address: Multiple locations
Contact Number: +65 6325 4508 / +65 8133 8508

3. Bake Avenue

Bake Avenue started humbly as a place for home baker Irene, to share her favourite recipes with friends and family. Since then, she has amassed a following and decided to venture into various forms of bakes including customised macarons, cookies and cakes. Together with her daughter-in-law Kris, the recipes they’ve introduced has also brought in an avenue to share traditional goodies during Chinese New Year, with time-tested recipes in the last 30 years. Bringing in a fresh and modern perspective to her traditional recipes, their line up for CNY includes their best-seller, Salted Egg Cookies and Pineapple Tarts – following the shape of the Dog an ode to the Chinese zodiac animals.

Salted Egg Cookies – $19.90/bottle (62-65pcs) – savoury buttery cookies with salted egg flavour, matched with bits of aromatic curry leaves that sure are addictive.

Bake Avenue
Contact: +65 8812 9040 (Kris)

4. Bob the Baker Boy

From passion to profit, Bob the Baker Boy has particularly been our choice bakery when it comes to real, good honest bakes. We previously featured them in our CNY line up last year and no doubt we’re back for more. Made from premium ingredients with no preservatives added, they’ve introduced a brand-new CNY menu this year, Tarts, Honey Joys and Cookies with flavours like the Oatmeal and Raisin, Earl Grey and Chocolate Chip ($15.90/box).

Bob the Baker Boy
Instagram: @bobthebakerboy
Contact: +65 9021 8370 (Mayee)

5. Flourcrafts

Nurtured into the very artform of crafting the perfect pastries and confections, Flourcrafts started out as a hobby and a stress relief therapy, which later turned into an aspiration for home baker Xavier. Founded in 2015 as a simple online website for customised orders, Xavier followed his strong passion in pastry and eventually went to pursue formal training at Le Cordon Bleu  Patisserie, and later completed his stagiaire in several kitchens. From experimental creations like the Baymax Cookies (marshmallow fudge cookies), to working at Sydney’s award-winning patisserie (Sweetness the Patisserie), renowned for SWEET Mallows® (marshmallows), Flourcrafts envisions to fulfil everyone’s love for food, catering to all tastes and dietary restrictions. For CNY, they’re offering an eclectic range of cookies with flavours like the Golden Yolk, Hojicha Tea, Longan Red Dates and Black Sesame.

Our favourite has got to be either the Golden Yolk ($28, approx. 250g) or the Longan Red Dates ($25, approx. 230g), just because of the unique flavours incorporated into a small but addictive snack. For those who are still on the salted egg yolk craze, this is definitely right up your alley, a crumbly yet melt in your mouth texture. For those yearning a little fruity flavour, the Longan Red Dates cookie is more symbolic for the festive season, with red dates often symbolizing wealth and prosperity in some countries. An auspicious and delicious cookie to have this Lunar New Year.

Instagram: @flourcrafts
Contact: +65 9030 6126/ +65 9697 2542 (Xavier)

6. In The Brick Yard

In The Brick Yard started out as a group of home bakers pursuing their hobby together back in 2014. Today, the chefs at In The Brick Yard continues to present their classic recipes they had first introduced – with recipes that has less sugar, great textures and flavours, no fondant, and new pairings with familiar flavours.

Milk Pineapple Tarts – $22 for a box (approx. 21 pieces)

Inspired by the trend of using locally sourced ingredients to make westernised cakes, In The Brick Yard introduces their Milk Pineapple Tarts that are perfect for CNY. Each Milk Pineapple Tart tastes exactly as it sounds, with a buttery soft pastry encasing a moist, savoury, pineapple jam filling. Not overly sweet, the pineapple filling has a flavourful aroma with star anise, cinnamon, cloves and spices added to the concoction.

In The Brick Yard
767 Upper Serangoon Rd, #b1-04 Spazio @ Kovan, Singapore 534635
Instagram: @inthebrickyard
Contact: +65 8288 0402 (Jia Min)

7. JR Bakery

Specialising in Chinese New Year goodies for more than a decade, JR Bakery is more than just a place for authentic creations from the kitchen, but a time for the entire family to gather and bond with one another. Named after their parents Jenny and Robin, JR Bakery (JennyRobin Bakery) comes from a family of bakers with time-honoured recipes passed down through generations. This CNY, JR Bakery offers bite-sized hand-crafted homemade festive goodies such as Pineapple Tarts and Almond Cookies.

Pineapple Tarts – $25/bottle (32 pieces)

A staple at every CNY visiting, these leave-shaped pineapple tarts comes with a luscious pineapple paste. On the list is also one of JR Bakery’s signature creations, hand-crafted Almond Cookies ($22 for 32 pieces) which has a nice crunchy exterior and a crumbly core.

JR Bakery
Instagram: @jrbakery
Contact: +65 9362 8374

8. Keong Saik Bakery

Keong Saik Bakery is a bakery that fuses traditional flavours, bakes and styles with contemporary ones to bring about a hint of nostalgia. With aims to provide their customers with local flavours in new generation products, customers can look forward to ingenious creations like the Chendol Delight and a mix of traditional flavours and European/Japanese dough.

Handmade Pineapple Tarts ($26.80 – 23 pieces, $21.80 – 18 pieces) – these handmade pineapple tart balls are quite buttery and has a sweet pineapple filling!

Keong Saik Bakery
Instagram: @keongsaikbakery
Contact: +65 9185 5592 (Yuzhong)

9. Nanatang

If you’re looking for soft and buttery crusts in a pineapple tart, nanatang does it well. Started off as an online bakery back in 2013, self-taught home baker Serena aims to create a space to bring people together to pursue their passions. Specialising in buttercream flowers creations and Instagram-worthy character cakepops, she also does a great bunch of CNY goodies.

Pineapple Tarts – 1 for $20, 2 for $38 (30 pieces per box)

Her pineapple tarts has a great balance of sweet and sour in the pineapple filling! Also can’t stop munching on these addictive Arrowhead and Crabmeat Chips (1 for $13, 2 for $25).

Facebook: @nanatangbakes
Instagram: @nanatangbakes
Contact: +65 9199 8928 (Serena)


Riding the bandwagon of the good ol’ Salted Egg Yolk Craze, OLLELLA has unveiled Singapore’s first-ever salted egg yolk kue lapis. The Salted Egg Yolk Kue Lapis is a limited-edition offering as part of OLLELLA’s 2018 CNY collection, with two other new flavours like the Prune Rum, and Nutella.

If you fancy kueh lapis like us, the Salted Egg Yolk Kue Lapis offers a symphony of salty and sweet, with little chunks of salted egg yolk between the layers. Otherwise, opt for the traditional one featuring their 60-year-old Original Spiced Kueh Lapis recipe. Beside kue lapis, OLLELLA also has Almond Cookies, Pineapple Pillows, Butter Cookies and Coconut Cookies available in small and big jars that will be great gifts for CNY.

3 Petain Road, Residences@Somme #01-01 S208108
Instagram: @ollella_singapore


Like many of the other home bakers out there, Matthew from ONLYKAI started baking as a hobby which later turned into a passionate business venture. With a vision to bring people together through the art of baking, the smile and happiness he sees from his customers is what drives his passion.

Nasi Lemak and Tom Yum Cookies – CNY Launch Promo – 2 bottles at $30

One of ONLYKAI’s local and ingenious creations are the Nasi Lemak cookies. Imagine a coconut-aroma infused cookie with the light gingery essence of the rice. I must say we were taken aback at the start as we thought it might be too rich, but in actual fact the flavours blends pretty well with crisp ikan bilis and roasted peanuts topped on this local-infused cookie. Their Tom Yum cookies which are infused with lemongrass and authentic tomyum paste is also pretty good and great for CNY snacking.

Contact: +65 9115 4543 (Matthew)

12. Peony Jade

This year, Peony Jade returns with your favourite CNY goodies, including popular cookie flavours like the Crispy Salted Egg Yolk Salmon Fish Skin, Butter Coffee Caramel, Fragrant Lychee, Lemongrass Cereal Prawn, Nyonya Kara Kara and more!

We really like the Extra-POWER Spicy Hae Bi Hiam Rolls ($32.88 nett/per jar) – though it could have been more spicier, and of course the timeless Pineapple Tarts ($38.88 nett/per jar). Head down to Takashimaya B2 to check out the rest of Peony Jade’s collections, from 18 Jan to 14 Feb 2018.

Peony Jade (Clarke Quay)
3 River Valley Rd, Level 2, Singapore 179020
Contact: +65 6338 0305

Peony Jade (Keppel)
10 Bukit Chermin Rd, M Level, 109918
Contact: +65 6276 9138

Instagram: @peonyjadesg

13. Pineapple Tarts Singapore

With humble beginnings as a small bakery in Penang back in 1979, Pineapple Tarts Singapore has been using a time-tested recipe of their homemade pineapple tarts for several decades. Today, Pineapple Tarts Singapore has crossed the borders for customers in Singapore to enjoy their pineapple tarts!

Fruity Good – Prune Kueh Lapis ($42.90)

Their Prune Kueh Lapis is fresh and moist, with the lingering sweetness of the prunes complementing the buttery goodness all together. We also love their Cheezylicious which are Cheese Pineapple Tarts ($24.90 for 20 pieces) – rich and addictive!

Pineapple Tarts Singapore

14. PrimaDéli

Treat yourself this CNY with PrimaDéli’s festive treats like their newly launched, Pandan Chiffon Cookies (S$19.80/tin)! Infused with fresh pandan leaves and coconut, this cookie is light, not overly sweet and has a very strong pandan aroma to it. Besides the cookies, look out for their other CNY goodies including cakes and their Supreme Pineapple Tarts ($25.80/tin), hand-crafted with grated pineapples and premium butter.

Multiple Locations Available here
Instagram: @primadelisg

15. Shartini’s Food Journal

Dry Shrimp Cornflakes Cookies and Salted Egg Yolk Cookies ($20 each bottle)

Shartini’s Food Journal first started with a prestigious win during a cook off challenge on Suria. Since then, the home baker behind Shartini’s Food Journal, Shartini, grew her passion in culinary to baking. An expert in fusion cakes and cupcakes, she’s introduced Salted Egg Yolk Cookies and Dry Shrimp Cornflakes Cookies perfect for the CNY season. Check them out for the rest of their popular cakes with flavours like Chendol, Black Glutinous Rice, Bobo Cha Cha and many more.

Shartini’s Food Journal
Instagram: @shartinisfoodjournal
Contact: +65 8808 4259 (Shartini)

16. Skinny Chef Bakery

Almond Coin Cookies: $18 (~110 pieces)

The name of Skinny Chef Bakery stems from the skinny physique of the chef behind the oven. From creating her bakes using only natural flavours, reduced sugar and no preservatives, Ally of Skinny Chef Bakery aims to share her creations with everyone to enjoy. Their Almond Coin Cookies make a great CNY gift, symbolising good fortune and wealth to come! Each cookie is also lovingly topped with an almond slice on its crunchy exterior.

Skinny Chef Bakery
Instagram: @skinnychefbakerysg
Contact: +65 8295 9146 (Ally and JH)

17. TaystyPastry

Taysty Pastry started out as a hobby, a way to destress and experiment. With ingenious creations like the Dark Chocolate Guinness cake with Baileys Cream Cheese Frosting and Salted Egg Yolk cookies among many other bakes, family and friends knew where to go to look for tasty treats. This Chinese New Year, Taysty Pastry’s signature cookies include the Osmanthus and Salted Egg Yolk cookies. Besides the usual flavours of the salted egg yolk, the Osmanthus cookies (approx. 36 cookies) are buttery and has a very mellow undertone of floral sweetness. It’s also less rich and suitable for the older folks.

A worthy mention is her Sichuan Mala Cookies ($12 / approx. 28-30 cookies per box) which was surprisingly enjoyable and sweet, with just a tinge of spiciness. If you like a flavourful cookie to try this year, this is it.

Taysty Pastry
Contact: +65 9119 7213 (Su Wen)

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[GIVEAWAY] Guess what An Affair With Food readers! [GIVEAWAY]

An Affair With Food readers, Chinese New Year just got even better! In collaboration with Flourcrafts, we’re excited to announce a CNY giveaway that will make your celebrations even better! TWO lucky winners will each win Flourcrafts’ most-popular cookie flavours – Longan Red Dates (approx 24 cookies, 125 g) and Golden Yolk  (approx 28 cookies, 140g), in mini jars!

HOW TO WIN? All you have to do is answer a simple question!

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  1. My favourite CNY snack is pineapple tarts because I can only enjoy it during Chinese New Year. It’s an addictive snack as the buttery pastry combines very well with the pineapple filling.

  2. Love pineapple tarts, must have item for my CNY. I dun fancy pineapple but I just cant resist pineapple ironic. Love the combination of buttery crust and freshly grated cooked for perfection paste. Will always gift this to relatives as it represent Ong Lai (prosperity).

  3. Pineapple tarts as in hokkien it call Ong lai ( means: lucky come) this is a must have Chinese New Year snack as everyone eat and will lucky lucky come.

  4. My favourite CNY snack is Large Prawn Crackers because it symbolizes Laughter ( 哈哈大笑) . I love that it is very fragrant too. Laughter is most important in life so keep laughing my friends. ???

    1. Congratulations Neo Alice, you’re one of the winners! Kindly drop us an email at for more details to claim your prize! ?
      Disclaimer: Please kindly drop us a message before the week ends (9 Feb 2018, 2359), otherwise we may have to choose the next winner, thank you for understanding!

  5. My favorite is Salted Egg Yolk Kue Lapis offers a symphony because of salty and sweet. When my childhood I eat Kue Lapis too on the cny but we only eat the original flavour.

  6. My favourite CNY snack is pineapple tarts because it is so delicious and tasty .It also my unforgettable moment with grandmother as she always bake the pineapples Tarts for her

    1. My favourite CNY snack is pineapple tarts because it is so delicious and tasty .It also my unforgettable moment with grandmother as she always bake the pineapples Tarts for us

  7. My favourite CNY snake is definitely Pineapple Tarts! As I love how the pineapple filling is always with the tart pastries ! Slightly sour and sweet!!

  8. My favourite Chinese New Year snack is definitely the Pineapple tarts! I simply can’t stop popping the tarts into my mouth one after another. The fragrant buttery crust tastes so perfect with the tangy and sweet pineapple extract. Best traditional new year snack ever!

  9. My favourite cny snack carving for bak kwa sweet, tasty and tender love by everyone’s in my family especially kids once you start cannot stop. Perfect gifts for family and friends ho jiak. ???

  10. If you ask me about crackling sound during the Lunar New Year, what springs first to my mind are not firecrackers (they were banned in Singapore before I was born) but love letters. Yes, they are my most favourite CNY snacks of all time and when I was little, I enjoyed sticking one roll onto each of my fingers and munching on them ‘furiously’ to create that crackling sound to ‘annoy’ my sister!

    I also remembered that in my childhood years, I stayed by my grandmother’s side and watched her make these homemade love letter rolls over charcoal braziers. I helped my grandmother to watch the fire and enjoyed the eggy aroma at the same time. Actually, the incentive for me then was that I get to savour those rolls of ‘defective’ shapes.

    Yay, love letters are not merely a festive snack to me. They are also a nostalgic yet happy reminder of my childhood days.

    1. Congratulations Oscar Chee, you’re one of the winners! Kindly drop us an email at for more details to claim your prize! ?
      Disclaimer: Please kindly drop us a message before the week ends (9 Feb 2018, 2359), otherwise we may have to choose the next winner, thank you for understanding!

  11. My favorite is pineapple tart because I love the fluffy buttery base that goes perfectly well with sweet and juicy pineapple top ? The symbolism of wealth makes me feel good too ?

  12. Wow….. Bak Kwa. This is the CNY snack that is always my favourite and I can’t even stop eating once I put in my mouth. I would eat at home and having them when I visit my relatives. The price of the bak Kwa normally will increase during CNY but I am still willing to pay for it as the taste is delicious and especially the spicy one really satisfy my taste buds. ?

  13. My favourite CNY snack would be Pineapple Tarts. Because my late Grandma used to bake her own Pineapple Tarts in the past, and I often helped her out (while stealing many pieces right out of the oven). It’s always so delicious and yummy, sadly it is never easy to find any nice pineapple tarts that achieved the same sort of taste of feeling after eating.

  14. My favourite cny snack is Spicy Prawn Rolls because they are crunchy & savoury. Once I start eating, I can’t stop as I craves for more. It’s my must buy cny snack.

  15. Definitely Almond Coin Cookies! The almond flavour goes so well with the buttery cookie, resulting in a delicious crunchy cookie that I can’t stop eating. Perfect snack to indulge in!

  16. My favourite will be Kueh Bangkit as the shape is pretty and is so tasty! My grandma used to make them for me and her cookies are still one of the best!

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