Half Pound Burger Bar & Grill – Pulling Their Weight Along Purvis Street

When we heard Half Pound Burger Bar & Grill launched their new menu on 1st October 2017, heading down for a feast was in order. On top of the substantial Angus beef patties they were known for, the new menu features enticing additions like the Honey Bacon Fries and Malaysian Boleh Burger. We wanted to try them all!

Located in a shophouse along Purvis Street, Half Pound stands out with its commanding grey signboard and pleasing pink exterior. The premises are awashed in orange, and walls are adorned with ingenious local art and wooden wine crates. The atmosphere’s laid back and cosy, probably a tad too conducive for impending food coma I am expecting.

Other than the ala carte menu, Half Pound also offers set lunches: 2-course quarter-pound burger/pasta at $15++, or $20++ if you fancy an additional dessert. They also have an extensive beverage list, ranging from teas in a pot to reasonably priced draft beers.


Half Pound has their starters done right. The batter of the Salt and Pepper Squid ($14) was crispy and light; delightfully addictive as I popped in one after the other. The Hot Wings ($12) were generously lathered in tangy sauce. Those who can only take mild spice will likely find Half Pound’s version suitable for their palate.

Half Pound Burger ($22) and Gourmet Burger ($26)

The Gourmet Burger ($26) comes at quite a hefty price tag but did not quite live up to expectations. The foie gras beef was supposed to be the main draw, and I half expected a small slice of foie gras tucked under the bun. Instead, there was a subtle foie gras flavour peeking through amidst the thick beef patty. Part of the joy of savoring fattened duck liver comes from the rich, buttery, melt in your mouth texture, which was not present in this mash-up.

The eponymous Half Pound Burger ($22) delivers more bang for its buck.  Candied bacon, beetroot and pineapples are nestled within the usual combination of sliced cheddar cheese, green lettuce and red onions, enfolded between charcoal buns. Whilst substantial in quantity, the execution was left wanting. The bun could be softer, the Angus beef patty juicer, and the beetroots and pineapples fresher and sweeter. This combination could be a smashing hit, but for now, there’s still some way to go.

Dessert’s a choice between the Chocolate Molten Lava Cake ($14) and Sticky Date Pudding ($12). The Lava Cake was expertly plated, and the molten chocolate oozed pleasingly from the soft and warm core. The chocolate was also not overly saccharine or rich, and well portioned to end the entire meal.

There are some hits and misses, but shows promise as the kitchen team continues to gather feedback and refine their dishes. Half Pound nonetheless makes for a good dining establishment for large group gatherings. For now, I will be grabbing my voracious friends to Half Pound for beers and generously sized bar grubs for a relaxing evening after work!

Half Pound Burger Bar & Grill
Address: 8 Purvis St, Singapore 188587
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 12pm – 10.30pm
Contact: +65 6906 1900
Instagram: @halfpoundsg

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