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Mid-Autumn Festival 2017 With Bakerzin – 8 Unique Collections With More Than 20 Flavours For Entire Family [PLUS GIVEAWAY]

It’s almost time to enjoy mooncakes this Mid-Autumn Festival, one of our favourite time of the year! With so many mooncakes out there, it’s hard to find one which can suit your taste buds. Whether you’re a fan of traditional ones or adventurous with unique flavours tucked in snowskin, there’ll surely be one perfect for you. Thankfully, Bakerzin’s Creme De La Creme 2017 Mooncake Collections feature eight distinctive collections to choose from, catering to everyone across all age and generations!

This year, Bakerzin presents a very special selection of mooncakes with eight different collections and more than 20 flavours to choose from. From traditional baked mooncakes to snowskin favourites, the entire range include: (1) Bold Collection 惊赞系列 (healthy and unique flavours), (2) Supreme Collection 至尊系列 (Savoury and sweet), (3) Signature Collection 经典系列, (4) Premium Collection 特级系列 (traditional baked with egg yolk), (5) Pure Divine Collection 水果冰皮系列 (fruity, tangy flavours), (6) Majestic Collection 榴莲冰皮系列 (durian snowskin), (7) Prestige Collection 甜酒冰皮系列 (alcohol-infused); and (8) Heavenly Collection 黑芝麻冰皮系列 (rich, flavourful black sesame). Best of all, every cherished collection of Bakerzin’s mooncakes are exquisitely handcrafted with premium low sugar lotus paste for health-conscious foodies, even more reasons to enjoy them guilt-free.

Our pick from the range are the 4 collections of Heavenly, Prestige, Pure Divine and Signature.

Bakerzin_Heavenly CollectionHeavenly Collection

Intense, rich and flavourful, a must-try for the perfect blend of butterscotch is the Black Sesame and Butterscotch Snow Skin 黑芝麻奶油糖冰皮 from the Heavenly Collection. Similarly, the Black Sesame and Peanut Butter Snow Skin 黑芝麻花生酱冰皮 is a worthy competitor with a divine blend of intense black sesame and crunchy peanut butter.

Bakerzin_Prestige CollectionPrestige Collection

For those who enjoy a little alcohol in their mooncakes, the Prestige Collection will suit perfectly. Featuring liqueur-infused white chocolate truffle ganache, every slice replicates a shot that scores with its alcohol nuances excellently. Our favourites are the Apple Vodka Snow Skin 苹果伏特加冰皮 which is deliciously refreshing and not too overpowering, while on the other end of the spectrum the Latte Kahlua Snow Skin 铁咖啡甜酒冰皮 matches the coffee latte and refined aroma pleasantly.

Bakerzin_Latte Kahlua Snow SkinLatte Kahlua Snow Skin 铁咖啡甜酒冰皮

For a fruity twist, the Pure Divine Collection features sweet and colourful pastel gems waiting to invigorate you with tangy exotic flavours. Savour in the likes of Cempedak Snow Skin 小波罗密冰皮, Honeydew with Apricot Snow Skin 蜜瓜甜杏冰皮, Taiwan Green Mango Snow Skin (台湾香芒冰), and Yuzu Snow Skin 香柚冰皮.

Bakerzin_Pure Divine CollectionPure Divine Collection

For those craving traditional baked mooncakes, Bakerzin’s Signature Collection or Premium Collection is the ideal choice, featuring the beloved Premium Egg Yolk Blend with a thick layer of perfectly cured and aromatic salted egg yolk paste in the centre.

Bakerzin_Signature CollectionSignature Collection

Bakerzin 2017 Crème De La Crème Mooncake Collections will go on sale from 7th August until 4th October 2017. Available for online order at or at all Bakerzin and Nom La La by Bakerzin outlets in Singapore. Bakerzin mooncakes are also available online on Qoo10 (, ezbuy, Fave, and Redmart.

In addition, Bakerzin mooncakes are retailing at two O’Coffee Club outlets:

  • 290 Orchard Road, #03-09, Paragon, S(238895)
  • 5 Raffles Place, #B1-25/26, Raffles Place MRT Station, S(048618)

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This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations Tan Hock Keong and Low Wai Ling! You have each won a box of Mooncakes from Bakerzin! We have replied directly to your comment on the article. Kindly drop us an email at for more details to claim your prize!

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    1. Congratulations Tan Hock Keong, you have won yourself a box of Mooncakes from Bakerzin! Kindly drop us an email at for more details to claim your prize!

      Disclaimer: Please kindly drop us a message by 21 Sept 2017, 2359, otherwise we’ll have to choose the next winner, thank you for understanding!

  1. Taiwan Green Mango Snow Skin (台湾香芒冰) is one of them 🙂
    With a big family, comes the great responsibility to feed them with the best mooncakes 🙂 Every year, we delight in going to the fairs to taste the best that the different restaurants, bakeries and hotels have to offer. My mom would tote along my (unwilling) father so they can decide together which to buy. For my father, it’s all the same but for my mom, she has specific requirements and each year is different because that’s how she is. She loves the variety in life and in mooncake flavours. She would take note of how each mooncake tastes and whether they are low sugar or with some health benefits or if the nuts are something she has not tried before. Oh my mom is wonderful! She has the spunk of a new snowskin mooncake flavour and yet the perseverance of the traditional baked ones. But all in all, I look forward to her mooncake selections and after all, it is about family gatherings and appreciating each moment with you loved ones because I love them to the moon and back. This year, I would love for her to taste the exquisite offering from Bakerzin. These new snowskin flavours look so appetizingly good!

  2. Taiwan Green Mango Snow Skin (台湾香芒冰). This is the one I am most excited to try because I love green mango and I wonder how this sour fruit will taste like as a mooncake. Interesting! 🙂 And no matter what kind of mooncake we’ll be having or sharing, I hope we will all have a good Mid-Autumn celebration because it is all about love and unity 🙂

  3. Honeydew with Apricot Snowskin is one of the flavours in Bakerzin’s Pure Divine Collection this year. It sounds really refreshing and fruity, all the flavours sound really good!

  4. Taiwan Green Mango Snow Skin (台湾香芒冰).
    I want to win for my wife because she loves mooncakes. She is my family biggest supporter who never gives up. Her selflessness act, her unconditional love, her strength, her courage, her endless incredible sacrifices and her so many so many have given me the will to strive on – which I am very thankful and which i shall elaborate below.
    I want to thank her for dutifully taking care of my bedridden mum (for 10 years) & for loving and looking after the kids and family so well at the same time. She is one of my greatest blessings.

    I really hope to win to thank my beloved wife for all she has sacrificed for the family. Her contribution to the family is words cannot be described.

  5. One new flavour Bakerzin is offering in their Pure Divine Collection is Taiwan Green Mango Snow Skin (台湾香芒冰)!
    Hope to win this box of colourful, fruity and tangy Pure Divine collection mooncakes!

  6. One new flavour Bakerzin is offering in their Pure Divine Collection is Taiwan Green Mango Snow Skin (台湾香芒冰).
    Hope to win this box of colourful and fruity mooncakes for my kids!!

  7. Yuzu Snow Skin 香柚冰皮!
    I love all the fruity mooncake flavours in the Pure Divine Collection. Very unique and interesting!
    Thank you for this giveaway =)

  8. One new flavour in the Pure Divine Collection is the Cempedak Snow Skin 小波罗密冰皮~~~
    Wanna share with my mummy dearest and enjoy it with my parents and the 2 little ones at our weekend bonding session!! Yumyum 🙂 花好月圆人团圆!

  9. Liked page 🙂

    Liked and shared post 🙂

    Answer: Yummy Cempedak Snowskin Mooncake! 🙂

    Hope to win this to give it to my dearest mummy to share it with my whole family! 🙂 Because Mid Autumn is the season of love, sharing, giving and spending time with family! 🙂 My mom loves mooncakes and mooncakes from Bakerzin is her number 1 favourite! 🙂 So really hope to win this and enjoy it with her and the rest of the family eating yummy mooncake looking at beautiful full moon! 🙂 I am sure she will be super delighted to be awarded with something she loves by someone she loves! 🙂 Hope to see a big big smile on her face! 🙂

    1. Congratulations Low Wai Ling, you have won yourself a box of Mooncakes from Bakerzin! Kindly drop us an email at for more details to claim your prize!

      Disclaimer: Please kindly drop us a message by 21 Sept 2017, 2359, otherwise we’ll have to choose the next winner, thank you for understanding!

  10. One new flavour in the Pure Divine collection is Honeydew with Apricot Snow Skin! ?
    Hope to be one of the lucky winners!???
    A BIG THANK YOU to An affair with food and Bakerzin for organizing this awesome giveaway contest!!???

  11. Taiwan Green Mango Snow Skin (台湾香芒冰皮)
    I would like to win Bakerzin mooncakes and enjoy good quality mooncakes with my family this year. Hope my wish can come true!
    Liked and shared and subscribed!

  12. Cempedak Snow Skin 小波罗密冰皮 !!!

    Looks so yummy! Hope to win a box of mooncake and eat together with my parents during this mid-autumn festival! Thanks~

  13. I want to try Yuzu Snow Skin 香柚冰皮 from Bakerzin’s Pure Divine Collection.
    I want to celebrate Mid-Autumn with Yuzu mooncakes paired with Pomelo fruit and my fav Pu er tea.

  14. Cempedak Snow Skin 小波罗密冰皮

    It is a special day that we gather with our ❤️ loved family members and enjoy mooncakes, tea over chats and view the full moon. Mid-autumn festival is one occasion that warms our hearts, always.

    Esp my father suddenly suffered a cruel stroke few years ago. He super loves mooncakes, I really hope to win this magnificent mooncake– to give him sweet surprise which I believe the mooncake will glitz up them Mid-Autumn Festival spirit and bring blissful and contented smile on their face , as well as laughter to my siblings as we get together to enjoy the mooncake.

  15. Tom Yum Traditional Baked Moon Cake

    I am thrilled at this sweet, spicy and tangy Concoction to tantalising my taste bud as tom yum is my all-time fave

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