Hotel Review (Taiwan): Stay at Forte Orange Business Hotel (Linsen, Taipei)

A little secret of mine is that I have not been to Taiwan before. There, I said it. Somehow it seems almost embarrassing to admit but I knew Taiwan is definitely on my “To-Visit” list. So quite naturally, I leaped at the opportunity to get outta’ Singapore’s heat and experience the beginning of Taipei’s winter!

My accommodation in Taipei was at Forte Orange Business Hotel (Linsen Taipei). A quick google of their location proved that getting there is pretty easy because it was only a 10 minutes walk from Zhongshan Metro Station.

Orange Hotel Map
PLUS Point 1: We spotted the hotel’s location on a map in the metro station so navigating was straightforward. One key landmark is to turn in at the street corner of McDonald’s and it is opposite Mos Burger too.Orange hotel map 2A closer look at the Metro map and Forte Orange Hotel’s location.

This is how I reached Orange Hotel from Taoyuan International Airport
1. Catch a bus operated by Kuo Kuang, from Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei Main Station (Metro)
– Cost: NTD125, around S$6
– Duration: 45-60 minutes
2. Take one stop on the Metro from Taipei Main Station (interchange station of blue and red line) to Zhongshan Station (interchange station of red and green line)
– I heard there was a underground passage that links these two stations together but as we had our luggage with us, we thought it be best to hop on the metro instead

If there should be one main reason why you should choose Forte Orange hotel, it definitely has to be location, location, and locationBecause let’s face it, location matters. Apart from accessibility to the metro which pretty much connects you to the rest of Taipei, it was a stone’s throw away to necessities like pharmacies, telco shops and of course, fantastic food!
orange hotel group
Hotel lobby with the adorable mascot!Hotel LobbyHotel lobby-extended
Orange Hotel Lobby 1
Forte Orange Business Hotel Linsen provided me the experience of being on a Japanese vacation right in Taipei! The lobby was simply furnished and fuss-free, almost like a homely vibe to it with the warm interior lighting.
Turndown service
Service staff were incredibly warm and friendly, traits which many have shared about the people in Taiwan. Everyone we met in the hotel were genuinely kind and hope that we had an enjoyable stay with them, almost like staying with your relatives but with perks of hotel amenities.

While it was quite intimate, I was impressed at how Forte Orange made clever use of the cosy space. Granted that it wasn’t the largest space possible but to have very decent amenities right smack in the middle of Taipei, I’ll take it!
Orange hotel Room 1
A double sharing room, with a view of Taipei 101 on a clear day.

Cleanliness tops my priority list for accommodations and Forte-Orange definitely did not fail in this aspect. The room was clean and the bed was comfy (read: bouncy which all hotels should be, IMO) but what impressed me the MOST, was having a separate dry and wet restroom.
Orange hotel room 2
Forte-Orange’s separate shower and toilet solves the first world problem (and awkwardness) of a shared restroom! Pretty smart idea.

PLUS Point 2: The restroom had these additional seat warmer so you won’t get the shock of your life on a cold seat, AND it comes with a bidet too!

Forte-Orange also provides convenient WiFi access and simple breakfast  to kick-start your day.
Orange hotel breakfast 2
The Japanese influence is obvious at Forte-Orange, with rice, porridge and miso soup forming the staple and rotating side dishes of eggs, vegetables and meat. Breads with spreads and salads are also available too!

Orange hotel breakfast 3

Orange Hotel Breakfast 1

orange hotel breakfast 4
We explored the area around the hotel and found many eateries from restaurants to hole-in-the-wall local eateries tucked away in the unassuming alleys, so you will never know what hidden treasures you can find. 🙂
Orange Hotel Backalley
I’ll be back, Taiwan!

Forte Orange Business Hotel
Address: No. 139, LinSen N. Rd., ZhongShan District, Taipei City 10454, Taiwan (Map)
Contact Number: +886-2-2563-2688
Service Hours:Mon ~ Fri 09:00 ~ 18:00
Instagram: @orange_hotels

* This was written in collaboration with Forte Orange Business Hotel
Article by Elizabeth Tang.

With lots of love,
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