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This Chinese New Year 2017, instead of the usual rouse of CNY goodies from commercial brands, we’ve scurried the island for some of the most talented home bakers! And the fabulous thing about the world we live in is that inspiration is simply just a click away! Artfully created bakes translating to Instagram-worthy pictures and delicious recipes. So, before you start binge-ing on the CNY cookies, here’s a list of traditional homemade goodies to take on the rooster year in full flight – made by Singapore’s most talented home bakers!

1. Bake Whisker

Jocelyn of the Bake Whisker says that a lot of effort goes on behind the scenes to ensure that her bakes are up to standard, and well…I simply couldn’t agree more. Making a name for herself since 2014, their most popular bakes have travelled a long way from overzealous appreciation from her family and friends.

Now standing strong with uniquely themed bakes are her homemade Charcoal Pineapple Balls, Golden Pineapple Balls and Rainbow-layered Kueh Lapis. Melt-in-your-mouth goodies not to be missed! And as her handle goes, she bakes and whisks for all occasions, using premium ingredients to meet your desired needs.

Charcoal Pineapple Balls: $20 (32 pieces)
Golden Pineapple Balls: $18 (32 pieces)
Chocolate Chip Cookies: $14 (about 45 pieces)
Rainbow Kueh Lapis: $35 (7 by 7 inches long)

Facebook: Bake Whisker
Instagram: @BakeWhisker
Contact:  / 8607 1949

2. Bob the Baker Boy

Bob the Baker Boy is fond of cakes, especially moist and soft cakes – and he wants everyone to enjoy them. The persona created by home baker MayEe, sets the stage for everyone to indulge in Bob’s favourite recipes using real ingredients – think huge yam chunks, healthy swathes of dark Belgian Chocolate and a fruit basket worth of strawberries.

Although not as CNY-appropriate, Bob the Baker Boy’s addictive cookies includes interesting flavours such as the Raspberry Cheesecake Crunch and Peanut Butter Crunch. Affordably priced at $9.90 for 20 pieces, I especially loved their Earl Grey flavour – boasting a crunchy texture and a fragrant caramel butter flavor. Do check out their customized cakes and range of CNY goodies below!

$9.90/Bottle or Pack
– Honey Joys (15 pieces)
– Cookie Jar (20 pieces)
– Little Chick Bento (A box of 10)

– Pineapple Tarts/ Cheesy Pineapple Balls/ Red Bean Tarts (15 pieces)
Facebook: Bob The Baker Boy
Instagram: @bobthebakerboy
Contact: 9021 8370

3. Project Atrios

Not your average cake bakers, Project Atrios started off with Liz – a girl who had an unadulterated passion for cake, weird flavour combinations, and making people happy. Honing a culinary background, her love for food transcended after her stint as a barista coincidentally gave her the opportunity to be at the forefront of creating cakes. So of course – getting her hands into crazy creations came naturally, and in short, her first creation of the Salted Egg Earl Grey Cake sold out!

The cakes on Project Atrios were all created with core principles of delicious, creativity and joy. Many of their bakes take after these principles, notably their Bacon Fried Shallot Cookies and Orange Chai Bo Cookies! Think buttery oat cookie batter fold in with crushed fried shallots and sautéed streaky bacon -savoury, charred fragrance and sweet! I also liked their Chai Bo Cookies made from Chai Bo egg! What an ingenious way to utilize locally loved preserved vegetables presented in a new format.

Check out her other adventurous creations in the links below!
Facebook: Project Atrios
Instagram: @projectatrios
Contact: / 9664 1518

4. Taysty Pastry

Fancy a contemporary twist to traditional Chinese New Year goodies? Taysty Pastry stands out as being one of the most unique home bakers offering artfully crafted creations. Su Wen the home baker of Taysty Pastry comes from a background of experimental-approach to baking in her kitchen, and you can immediately tell that she projects her creativity in her recipes.


Here you can find original adaptions of her favourite trending flavours like the Salted Egg Yolk Cookies, and even her Laksa Cookies. We kid you not, this is the real deal – we weren’t really sure what was waiting for us but these goodies blend well with the celebration of local flavours. My personal favourite was the crumbly Salted Egg Yolk cookies! The secret to what makes these cookies so fragrant is the small amount of curry leaves added into the mixture. The Laksa Cookies were a little too much for me, but if you enjoy the aroma blend with ground shrimps – some say that it’s an ultimate accompaniment to beer.

Salted Egg Yolk cookies:
– Small: $11 for 36 pieces
– Large: $15 for 72 pieces

Laksa Cookies:
– Small (Approx 28 pcs): $9
– Large (47 pcs): $13
– 1 large Salted Egg Yolk + 1 large Laksa: $26

Instagram: @Taystypastry

5. Whiskit Patisserie

Whiskit Patisserie was established in May 2016 with the aim of serving locally infused French pastries. Humbly baking with love and passion, the team endeavours to delight their customers’ palate and senses. Lookout for their four types of goodies this Chinese New Year, including their Signature Pineapple Tart, Almond Cookies, Almond Oat Cookies and Laksa Cookies!

Almond Cookies are one of my all-time favourite Chinese New Year goodies and I must say that Whiskit Patisserie are one of the best I have ever tasted.  Each of this little darling is abundantly filled with almonds – imagine burst of almond flavours with every bite! Their pineapple tarts are also a delight – each of this beautifully crafted golden balls is filled with a not-too-sweet homemade paste with a buttery crust 😋

Signature Pineapple Tart: $23.80 (21 pieces)
Almond Cookies: $21.80 (40 pieces)

Facebook: Whiskit Patisserie
Instagram: @whiskitpatisserie
Contact: 9366 6136

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