Penang St. Buffet- Halal Crab Madness Buffet is Back!

This August, Penang St. Buffet welcomes the Halal Crab Madness Buffet – expect a feast of over 15 different types of crabs ranging from the all-time favourites such as Chilli Crab to the more unique Kam Heong and Tom Yam Crabs! Even if you find it a hassle to pluck the crabs, be wowed by other tantalising dishes like Penang Fried Kway Teow with Crabmeat, Crab Beehoon Soup, Stuffed Chicken in a Crab, Pizza, Pasta, Rojak, Grilled Seafood and Desserts.

Here are our favourites for the evening!

Golden Sand Crab

If you’re confused by the name, not to worry because the Golden Sand Crab comprises of all the good things of a typical salted egg crab, but even better. Infused with all the essentials like butter, milk, eggs and curry leaves, the dish was not overly salty and the sauce had a sweet savoury thickness. Perfect for dipping the succulent crab meat, and our favourite fried man tou!!

Tom Yum Crab

Thai food fans, HANDS UP! This Thai-inspired Tom Yum Crab has seamlessly incorporated chilli padi, lemon grass, lime leaves, lime juice, tom yam paste and tomatoes all into one yummy crab dish. This dish packs a powerful punch, clearing our stuffy noses within a few bites – but no doubt, definitely recommended for those who can handle the spiciness!

Pumpkin Crab

While I’ve tasted many variations of the Pumpkin Crab before, Penang St. Buffet’s version tastes equally as good. The creamy and aromatic pumpkin sauce coupled with the tender crab meat pieces is truly an experience you have to try yourself. When you can really savour the essence of the crab meat, – which means the pumpkin flavours sinks into the meat really well, you know it’s worth every bite.

Crab Beehoon Soup

Oh wow, don’t get me started on the Crab Beehoon soup. I have been mindlessly craving for this for so long, and the pairing of the vermicelli noodles (beehoon) is just the icing on the cake. Serve in a claypot soup style, I can’t get enough of the peppery and rich broth, simmered in the crab’s essence. What’s more, the Pumpkin Crab and Crab Beehoon soup are made fresh to order!

Penang Durian Chendol

Sweet, creamy and the actual durian fruit – what more can you ask for? The combination of the green chendol, shaved ice, red beans and a whole lot of sweet syrup is my happiness in a bowl. Not too overwhelming, and a dessert I just can’t get enough of.

Overall, if you’re craving for crabs and that ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT buffet, hurry down to Penang St. Buffet and get cracking. The Crab Madness Buffet promotion is available only for dinner, and will continue until 2 October 2016.

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Article by Keith and Xue Wei

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A foodie at heart, Xue Wei’s passion for food and travel translates to her daily snippets of her affairs on this website and Instagram. She enjoys quality family time and hopes to fulfil her dream to travel around the world with her loved ones.

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