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Four Home Bakeries Which Amaze and Impress Me

This year I’ve had such a wonderful opportunity and pleasure to be sponsored by four amazing bakeries for Keith’s birthday! A big thank you to Cakenappers, Kookies N Kremes, Midnight Baker and Peatite Bakes for your immense passion, dedication and hard work in baking all these sweet and savoury treats. I truly appreciate all your efforts in making this birthday party a memorable one for Keith and his loved ones.

All these delectable treats were beautifully crafted to cater to the theme; “Classic Black & White”. They were not only visually appealing, they tasted just as wonderful.

Let me introduce the first sponsor… Midnight Baker! Midnight Baker was started because of the owner Chloe, who had a passion for baking since young. With passion and determination, Chloe learned and improved her techniques in baking. With pure hard work and the encouragement from her loved ones, Midnight Baker became even more popular and well-loved with its customers.

Earl Grey Lavender Cupcakes

Beautifully topped with white lavender buttercream, these moist earl grey cupcakes are pure yum. Moist, not overly-sweet yet still packed with flavours, these pretty and fluffy little cakes are definitely worth ordering for parties and occasions.
There are many other interesting flavours available from Midnight Baker. Some of the notable ones you should try includes the Gula Pandan Melaka and Butterscotch Popcorn Chocolate!

Mini Beef Sliders

These bite-sized Mini Beef Sliders was definitely a crowd-pleaser for the night. The hand-ground and well seasoned beef patty were sandwiched between homemade charcoal brioche mini buns, topped with melted cheese, it was super satisfying with every bite. Thumbs up for this item, it was one of the tastiest beef sliders I have ever tasted.

Quiche Lorraine

Midnight Baker perfectly executes the classic quiche combination of ham, bacon and cheese. With a wall of thick buttery crust and generously topped with cheese, this dish is best eaten warm to retain its hearty flavours.

Midnight Baker not only specialises in desserts such as buttercream cakes and cupcakes. They prepare many other kinds of savoury items as well! I appreciate all the hard work Chloe puts into crafting each item and they are perfect for occasions! Follow her at @midnightbaker_sg for more updates and information on her delicious bakes!
Contact: +65 9006 2778 (Chloe)

Next up, featuring Cakenappers! Cakenappers is passionate in creating beautiful works of art without compromising the quality of taste. They started this home based business out of their love and passion for pastries. They aim to create design cakes based on customers’ ideas and will do their best to fulfill your requests!

Walnut Brownies

These brownies are so decadent tasting; they were so fudgy and chewy! The generous amounts of walnuts which were packed in these delightful treats added a nice wholesome crunch which contrasts nicely with the brownies. It is a perfect dessert to have when served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

Signature Vanilla Profiteroles

Profiterole is another name for cream puff and it is a filled French choux pastry ball with a typically sweet filling of whipped cream, pastry cream, custard, or ice cream. The profiteroles from Cakesnappers boast a crispy brown exterior and with the sweet and fresh cream encased in it, it was a heavenly combination.

Do visit Cakenappers on their Facebook and Instagram for their list of other bakes.
Contact: / +65 92290005

My third sponsor, Kookies N Kremes is a halal bakery birthed by 3 working mummies who love munching on delicious bakes. Their families and friends’ love for their bakes made this baking haven possible. They believe in using the best ingredients, so they make sure not to use uncooked egg whites and preservatives.

Chocolate Caramel Tarts

Slightly on the sweeter side, these tarts are rich and smooth to the touch. Luscious and molten salted caramel flowed the moment we sank our teeth into each tart, they were so addictive especially for a sweet tooth like me.

Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies
Lemon Cookies

These cutely-packed cookies were pretty tasty! The brown ones are fused with chocolate chip, while the white ones are lemon drop cookies packed with refreshing lemon zest and juice. I especially liked the added personal touch of ‘From the kitchen of <3’ .

Kookies N Kreme specialises in many other items such as tarts and rustic cakes. Hop on over to their Facebook and Instagram for more information.
Contact: +65 92478429

Moving on further into our dessert table, we see some appetizing desserts and savoury treats made by Peatite Bakes! Peatite Bakes is an online bakery shop which hopes to bring magic to your taste buds. Ever since they had a fascination with baking, they aim to share their love for it with everyone. At Peatite Bakes, you will be spoilt for choices with their wide array of items which are instilled with goodness, delight and pure pleasure.

Chalkboard Cake

I wanted Keith’s birthday cake to suit the ‘Classic Black & White’ theme and I was in awe when I received it! This was so beautifully crafted and I fell in love with its intricate designs.

The carrot cake hidden beneath the fondant is made with freshly grated carrots marinated with nutmeg and cinnamon powder. Every layer is filled with smooth and creamy swiss meringue lemon buttercream, sprinkled with lemon zest. It is dense and moist, packed with walnuts and sandwiched in addictive creamy layers of vanilla cream cheese icing. The cinnamon taste was strong yet not overpowering the sweetness of the cake.

Mini Fruit Tarts

Peatite Bake’s fruit tarts consists of a crumbly biscuit base and light custard mousse topped with fresh fruits. Fresh and delicious, these mini treats are a joy to indulge in.

Ham and Cheese Crepes

A simple crepe with a crispy edge, wrapped with ham and cheese. Very light and delicious, and best eaten after heating up once the cheese melts perfectly in the crepe.

Christmas Macarons
Christmas is right around the corner and look at these adorable snowman macarons waiting for me! Perfect as gifts for this festive season.

Visit Peatite Bakes at their Website, Facebook and Instagram for more information on their bakes. They offer many other kinds of pastries too so hop on over to their page to check them out! <3
Contact: +65 9299 4317

Once again, my sincerest appreciation to all the sponsors for playing an important part in making this wonderful birthday party a success! <3

With lots of love,
Xue Wei
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