En Grill & Bar- Artfully Presented and Well-Executed Dishes Newly Launched

En Grill & Bar features three unique spaces: an open-concept kitchen and communal dining area, an elegant indoor lounge and an alfresco dining area. The open-concept kitchen allows diners to watch the chefs skillfully grill the meat and prepare the dishes. The indoor lounge retains a classic design within its interior, which was beautifully complemented with gold-inspired wallpaper and cosy plush sofas. Wicker sofas and candle-lit coffee tables are placed in their alfresco dining space that is surrounded by abundant greenery – making it an ideal spot for corporate functions or even a relaxing haven for social gatherings.

An elegant display of alcohol were lined along the bar top area, adding on to the beautiful outlook of the lounge.

Over at En Grill & Bar, they have unveiled a number of new dishes for its menu; diners can expect a medley of authentic and traditional Japanese food which are executed with a modern twist. We were excited to indulge in the interesting and artfully crafted dishes!

Garlic Gambas – $16

Juicy and succulent prawns embedded in creamy butter sauce, this dish was packed with flavours. With a combination of shrimp, minced garlic, butter and fresh tomatoes, I enjoyed this dish very much! However, I feel that the portion size should be a little more generous considering the price.

Tako Carpaccio – $12

This colourful dish was well-executed with thinly-sliced octopus and salmon roes; accompanied by light yuzu sauce and truffle oil. Sea savouriness from the fresh octopus slices made this dish a delicious appetizer.

Wagyu Mini Burger – $16

Mini bite-sized burgers with an appropriate amount of wagyu beef patty for a good bun to meat ratio. A simple dish with well-grounded and juicy beef drizzled with red wine sauce, this was my favourite appetizer.

Sumiyaki Moriawase – $25

Sumiyaki Moriawase – $25

A variety of charcoal-grilled skewers were beautifully presented in a classic fashion, atop a miniature wire-mash. An assortment of items such as squid, chicken wings, vegetables and meatballs were well-marinated and grilled to perfection. This dish was the highlight of the evening, I would definitely recommend trying it!

Wagyu Yasai Stick – $24

This dish  looks appetizing with high quality wagyu beef and brightly-coloured vegetables nicely presented on a skewer, sadly it was not as exciting as it looks.

Sunny Side-Up Hamburg – $18

The Sunny Side-Up Hamburg features a delicious combination of handground wagyu beef patty, sunny side-up egg and red wine sauce. A classic dish which comes with a side of crispy potato wedges and grilled vegetables!

Wagyu Houba Misayaki – $28

This charcoal grilled waygu steak was certainly a delight. Beautifully served on a houba leaf, the steak was tender, juicy and flavourful.

Wagyu Suji and Foie Gras – $14.80

A decent stew with tender beef slices, this dish may look unpretentious but it was pretty impressive. I love how the beef cubes simply melts in your mouth, extremely tasty. Thumbs up for it! <3

Angel Hair Pasta – $18.80

Sea urchin and salmon roe were sitting on a bed of cold angel hair pasta; lightly seasoned and drizzled with truffle oil.

Yuzu Cheesecake – $7.80

A delectable dessert which I enjoyed, the cheesecake boasted a hint of Yuzu (citrus) flavour. Crushed biscuits form the dessert’s thin base layer and this dessert was rich and smooth. A must-try for cheesecake lovers!

Matcha Tiramisu – $7.80

A superb combination of green tea and tiramisu, this sinful treat comes with a moist cake sponge; so light and addictive. Each layer was not too creamy and had just the right texture to make it a great dessert.

Cranberry Sour

Calpis Sour

Apart from the array of dishes, there is an extensive menu of liquors, cocktails and mocktails to pair your items with. The two bespoke cocktails which we tried were top notch, but be cautioned of its hefty price tag. This was expected though, with premium quality liquors used in the creation of these delicious concoctions.

Thank you The Entertainer and En Grill & Bar for the warm hospitality and amazing food. It was a great evening which we enjoyed ourselves very much. If you still do not know, The Entertainer is an ultimate cost-savings application which is full of 1-for-1 dining, leisure and travel offers. Wow, isn’t it amazing that you can save a lot from it?!?!

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Have fun foodies! <3

En Grill & Bar
Address: 207 River Valley Rd #01-60, Singapore 238275
Contact Number: +65 67326863

With lots of love,
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