Montana Brew Bar- A Cosy and Stylish Coffee Brew Bar

Montana Brew Bar
Montana Brew Bar is a cosy and stylish coffee brew bar newly opened at PoMo. This Sydney-inspired coffeehouse serves a wide range of items, specialising in their waffles and coffee. Although Montana Brew Bar is centrally located, it is pocket-friendly which makes it a great choice for students in the district.

Truffle Mac & Cheese Waffle – $9.50

This dish was definitely one of the items I was looking forward to, just the idea of a Mac and Cheese Waffle was so intriguing! The highly-raved waffle seen on many foodies’ Instagram was indeed satisfying, where a layer of Mac and Cheese was infused in the waffle. This dish is great for sharing, as it can get a bit heavy towards the end. Try dipping it in the salsa sauce which comes with it, love how well it complemented the waffle.

Southern Fried Chicken Waffle Sandwich – $9.50

Another savoury waffle Montana Brew Bar serves is the Southern Fried Chicken Waffle Sandwich. The chicken boasts a crunchy skin without being too greasy and I love how tender and juicy it was. The waffle was crispy on the outside yet soft and chewy on the inside. Topped with the wasabi coleslaw, this was a lip-smacking dish! A side dish of the corn salsa comes with this hearty dish and I love how refreshing it was.

Chocolate Banana Waffles – $10.50

Served with a scoop of their homemade vanilla ice-cream, Montana’s Brew Bar Chocolate Banana Waffles is definitely a good selection for chocolate lovers. Topped with caramelised bananas and salted caramel sauce, lightly dusted with truffle nutella powder, this was a delightful dessert waffle.

Matcha Strawberry Field Waffles – $9.50

Green tea waffles were paired with strawberries, ice-cream and mango passionfruit spheres. Love its presentation! This was my first time trying a Matcha Waffle, the waffle tasted a lil bitter, so I would have like it more with the passionfruit sauce and strawberries.

Red Velvet Waffle StackRed Velvet Waffle Stack – $10.50

These red coloured waffles were beautifully layered with vanilla ice-cream and drizzled with white chocolate rose sauce, totally fell in love with its presentation. Not only was this beautifully crafted, it was extremely delicious. The waffles, sauce and the ice-cream complemented one another well into such a heavenly dessert. I highly recommend this for those with a sweet tooth, this was my favourite out of all waffles.

BBQ Chicken Burger – $12.00

Succulent chicken meat were sandwiched in their freshly made brioche burger buns, making it a full-protein dish. If you find yourself longing for a simple burger after school or work in a convenient area, this is it.

Hot Chocolate – $4

Montana’s Brew Bar serves decadent coffee too, as I am not a coffee person, I tried their Hot Chocolate. Smooth, thick and rich, it was a drink which I enjoyed.

With its delicious waffles and good coffee, Montana’s Brew Bar is definitely worth a visit. It was a great evening indulging in so much yummy food!

Montana Brew Bar
1 Selegie Road
Singapore 188306

Contact Number: +65 9833 1790
Opening Hours:
Daily: 8:30am – 9:30pm
Coffee and Tea Beverages only: 8:30am – 10:30pm
Full Food Menu: 10:00am – 9:30pm

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