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This year, I planned a surprised birthday party for Keith and I am honoured to have part of the dessert table sponsored by Bakey! Thank you for the collaboration, your dedication and hardwork is truly seen in the quality of your bakes.

Augusta, the owner of Bakey started this online bakery out of her passion and love for baking. Cakes and pastries were only baked for family and friends until one day she took a leap of faith and that is how Bakey started to bring delightful treats for their customers. Bakey creates bakes using the finest ingredients, less sugar and colourings and they are handcrafted from scratch. Everything has been put through the ‘taste test’ as Bakey promises yummy desserts that goes beyond the aesthetical looks. This is further inspired by their slogan: “You create the idea, Bakey brings your idea to LIFE!” So feel at ease to share with them your idea and design and I’m sure they will do their best to fulfill your needs. 🙂

These delectable treats were beautifully crafted to cater the theme; “Shades of Blue”. Not only were they visually appealing, they tasted just as great.

??????????????????????? I wanted the cake to suit the theme and I was in awe when I received it! This was so beautiful and I fell in love with itsintricate patterns. Everyone loves the cake and we could not bear to cut it up 🙂 The cake which was in Nutella flavour was rich and soft, just right for our liking. A nutty goodness!

MacaronsMacarons Flavours: Dark Chocolate and Salted Caramel

These macarons come with a crispy shell and boasts a smooth and creamy centre. As we sank our teeth into the chewy crust, the flavours got stronger and we could taste the creamy centre! I love the salted caramel flavour as I am a BIG salted caramel fan. You could actually taste the saltiness but paired with the sweetness of the caramel, it was so DELICIOUS!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Are these ice creams? Well, look closer and you will notice they are cone cakes which are vanilla cupcakes just designed in such an innovative and interesting way! These cupcakes were not too sweet but still incredibly fluffy and moist. Dessert lovers will definitely love these delectable cupcakes.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Door gifts for my guests! These heart-shaped butter cookies came with a special note tied to it, simple and nice for my guests.

I appreciate the hard work that Bakey had put in crafting each dessert. The guests, Keith and I enjoyed the bakes and my sincerest appreciation to you for all these yummy desserts. I recommend you to order them as gifts or for any occasions! Visit their Facebook at and follow them on Instagram @bakey_delights for more updates and information on their bakes. They have many other kinds of pastries too so hope over to their page to check them out! <3
Contact: +65 81138353 (Augusta)

With lots of love,

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